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World’s Most Dangerous Travel Destinations

Travel can be a time for some great R n R, some time off from the daily grind that is life. There are some beautiful landscapes that will take your breath away, some sights and sounds that can transform your life; Some travel experiences that will refresh your very soul and make you new and whole. This list will not have any such place. There exist places on this planet that will do just the opposite of relax and refresh may even attempt to kill you. This is a list of the world’s most dangerous travel destinations.


The Tsingy National Park, Madagascar

Madagascar is home to the most beautiful and magical landscapes in the world. With nearly all the plant and animal life on the island being endemic, meaning they are unique to the country. This  UNESCO heritage site is particularly unique in that there has been no successful attempt to either chart it or study it. It is entirely made up of razor sharp, teeth-like rock formations. No ropes can hold against these rocks as they will chew through ropes and flesh without a blink. The word Tsingy in the local language means ‘cannot walk barefoot on’.


The Boiling Lake, Dominica

This is a natural hot water spring that has underlying volcanic springs. It is not scintillating and refreshing, but is actually constantly boiling. The temperature of the water at the edge of the lake is 197 degrees on an average. The edges are lined with slippery rocks and with an estimated depth of 200 feet, the temperature at the core remains undetermined. People have zip-lined cloth bags with eggs and hard boiled them by just keeping the bag submerged.


The Bolton Strid, England

The seemingly beautiful River Wharfe in England has a narrow section that is in some places, only six feet wide. What looks like a pretty forest stream called the Bolton Strid is actually the river flipped on to its side. As unreal as it sounds, that is exactly what it is. Only a few feet in width, but unimaginably deep. Many people have tried to jump across narrow parts of the river. The bodies of those who fell in have never been recovered. The fatality rate in case of falling into the Strid is 100 percent. Strong undercurrents make determining its depth impossible, but it is large enough to have the entire river flip on its side and still not spill over.


Other honorable mentions

  • The Afar Triangle – Africa, which has continuous earthquakes, forming fissures and sometimes opening up several hundred meters wide and deep.
  • The Maelstrom – Scotland is one of the few constant whirlpools in the world and much like the Strid, never throws out what it swallows.
  • Lake Kivu – This is lake in Congo has a large depository of green house gasses like methane and carbon dioxide that bubble out from beneath it and some bubbles are big enough to blanket nearby settlements and suffocate its inhabitants.