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Work Spoiling Your Vacation Plans? Here’s How You Can Deal With It

Everyone needs a break from the daily grind, and vacations are what give us that much needed break from the routine. But many a time, we end up never taking a break due to work overload and sometimes, a mean boss! Does that mean you cannot take a vacation as long as you are employed? Or that you have to cut your vacation short to be at work early? Not if you plan properly! Here are a few tips to not let your work ruin your vacation plans.

Make plans well in advance

Planning is essential for anything, including a vacation. So plan well in advance about where you want to go and for how long you want to be away. Then plan your work accordingly and complete all tasks at hand before you leave. That way, you won’t have to worry about dealing with pending work on your return.

Notify your boss and colleagues early

Usually, your work is linked to the work of others in your office. Any break you take will directly or indirectly affect what your colleagues have to do, which is why it is important to inform your colleagues about your vacation plans and coordinate work schedules and deliveries accordingly. If you work alone, then make sure you inform your boss about your vacation plan in advance so he or she can schedule your projects accordingly.

Go Offline

Some of us have this habit of feeling too responsible and guilty about leaving work. Don’t feel bad about taking a break, because you deserve it. If you are connected to your work network, you will be tempted to know what’s going on at work and inadvertently ruin your vacation. So turn off your work mail and work-related groups on your mobile and other devices that you may have carried with you. If possible, avoid carrying your laptop or tablet, or even smartphone, as that can also lead you into temptation to check on work. Just carry a basic mobile phone which you can use when necessary.

However, give your contact information to a colleague who will contact you only in case of emergencies.

Devote time to your family

Vacation time is family time. So make sure you focus completely on your family and on activities that you want to partake in to have fun. Work can create hectic schedules and leave you with little quality time to spend with your family. Your vacation time is the time for family so give them all the attention they deserve. Focus only on the place you are at and enjoy what you do without worrying too much about work or what you have to do once you are back at home.