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What to Do to Win Back a Customer

Attracting new customers is one thing, and retaining the existing ones another. Marketing usually focuses on encouraging more and more people to buy the company’s product or service.  The aim is to add new customers, not to please the old ones. This attitude in marketing has failed to appreciate the loyalty of their clients, resulting in a large number of disappointed customers. In this age, when competition is fierce and customer demands are high, you cannot afford to disappoint the customer even once. But if you do, here is what you can do to win the customer back.


Accept the challenge

It is very difficult to pacify a customer who is disappointed with your service or product. Bringing them back to your side can be a tough task. But the good news is that, it is possible. Ideally, it is best to avoid disappointing your customers as far as possible. However, there is always a gap between what the customer expects and what the company can deliver. So if you do make mistakes, the wise thing to do is accept it and figure out ways to make amends to the customers.


Bring back value to the relationship

According to a survey by Thunderhead.com, one out of every five customers is likely to lose trust in a brand after one bad experience. Twenty five percent people are likely to change loyalties entirely after a single bad experience. The worst is that one-thirds of those who are disappointed with your service or product are likely to share it on social media sites, thereby creating doubt in minds of thousands of other customers. The key here is to create value in the relationship through timely communication that is both relevant and personalized. Recovering from a bad situation becomes easier when you communicate and deliver value.


Address the issue immediately

Businesses that wait too long to address the issues of a disappointed customer only end up making the situation worse. If the company does not act quickly in resolving the issues faced by the customer, it is at the risk of leaving a lasting negative impression on the customer. According to research, around 93 percent of people will not change the negative opinion they have about the company after a bad experience, if the company does not take immediate steps to rectify it.


Offer a meaningful response

A big mistake that companies make is taking into account the customers’ isolated bad experience when offering a solution to them. If the customer has faced a problem with a single department, offering a solution just for that issue is not a good idea. To offer a more meaningful and relevant resolution that can bring the customer back on board, you need to keep in mind the overall experience the customer has had with your brand.