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What is LuxCode?

With so many of us carrying smartphones in this day and age there is no reason for us carry coupons, credit cards, etc. Our smartphones should be the only piece of technology that we need to carry. That’s where LuxCode comes into play. LuxCode is the equivalent of retailmenot, Apple Pay and Google Wallet, all rolled into one WITH tailored promotions based on YOUR spending patterns. It’s an app that provides you with not only a secure way to store your credit card information (to pay for purchases), but also a way to follow those retailers, movie theaters or even golf courses.

While it’s nice that Starbucks, Chipotle and many other large food chains provide apps that are tailored directly to their store, it’s much easier to open one app that contains all the same information rather than a different app all the time. It’s like buying a car to use in the snow, rain and nice weather. Well, the reality is, none of us do that; we all have a car that we use in all weather conditions.

That’s the exact same thinking behind LuxCode. Unification of our resources to save us time, money and well ironically, our own resources. In more detail: every single merchant that finds itself onto LuxCode has teamed up with our parent company, CaptureCode, to provide coupons and discounts to you, the consumer, in a tailored fashion. It’s your birthday? Great, the merchant probably knows and wants to offer you a free round of golf or a free Ice Cream Cake for dessert. You buy fries all the time? Great, the merchant knows that and will probably offer you free fries once a month.

The idea is that merchants can offer you discounts for things you ACTUALLY BUY. And they do all this without any security concerns (i.e. stealing your personal information and using it for unsolicited purposes). I know there are a lot of you out there who look for coupons with the hope of getting something in particular AKA a discount on Nike products, but instead, all you find is a discount that can only be used at an inconvenient time for you.

Again, that’s why LuxCode is so unique. It teams up with merchants to help these merchants understand what you, individually as a consumer, have preferences for and then these merchants create promotions and coupons that are 100% something you want and/or will use at a time and place that is convenient for you!