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Wanna Grab a Quick Bite in Boston? Check This Out

When you have the urge to grab a quick bite down in Boston, there are a good number of cafes you can step into. Affordable fare, decent menu selection and friendly environs are a given at these little eateries. In fact, these are all the factors that make them so popular especially among the younger crowd. Take a look at a few well-liked eating spots that have just what it takes to satiate your palate.

The Pavement Coffee House

There are four of these coffee houses and they all serve ‘exceptional’ tea and coffee, as their website states. Add to this a reasonably well populated lunch menu and you have the perfect setting for a great eating experience. The Pavement Coffee House was named among the Top 10 coolest cafes in the US by Travel and Leisure and also earned a nomination to the America’s Best Coffee Bars list from Food and Wine. In 2012, this was the Best of Boston Coffee House too. Apart from their hand poured coffee and oolong tea, they also offer hearty lunch and breakfast options.

Bloc 11

Typically a hip and happening place, Bloc 11 is a great choice if you are in the mood for some partying and music alongside your food. This trendy eatery almost always has some event running and comes with free Wi-Fi, which is always a great addition. If you are looking for some unique experiences, walk in when their open mic event is going on and you may just discover some new talent. You can go healthy here with their sandwiches, soups and salads, have a hearty breakfast with the locally sourced and environment friendly food or simply rejuvenate yourself with the drinks at Bloc 11.

Mr. Bartley’s Burgers

If you are dying to sink your teeth into a juicy burger, you simply can’t go wrong with Mr. Bartley’s Burgers. It may actually be accurate to call this outlet one of Boston’s landmarks, given that this eatery has been here for an astounding 40 years. Having won the Best of Boston award several times and having earned accolades from the NY Times, WSJ, Food Network and more, Mr. Bartley’s Burgers has good reasons to celebrate. Its A- list clientele includes Johnny Cash, Al Pacino and Adam Sandler.

The restaurant proudly states that it has no branches and aims at perfecting its recipes at its  single location. A quirky touch to the menu is that the burgers are named after well-known world personalities so expect to see items such as the Barack Obama or the Tom Brady or the Rob Ford. They even have some real attention grabbers like The Viagra, the Gay Marriage and the iPhone on the menu!

(Image courtesy: www.mrbartley.com)