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Visit here for the best flight deals

Are expensive flight tickets giving you the jitters? Summer is when many Americans take time off from work to enjoy travelling to their favorite places. If you have time to go on a vacation this summer, don’t let high airfares to ruin your plans. Check out these sites for the best and the cheapest deals on flight tickets for summer vacation.



Lessening your agony quotient this summer is Hipmunk, a cool site with a cuddly mascot. Hipmunk is a creation of Steve Huffman of Reddit, and searches for flights based on the agony they put the travelers through in terms of price, layovers and length of journey. One of the best sites for cheap and comfortable flights and also hotels that fit your budget, Hipmunk should be your first choice for finding the best flight deals this season.



If you are ready to get on a flight for a vacation, then GetGoing is the site you should go to. GetGoing is designed for those who are conscious of how much they spend on flight tickets and allows users to pick from two travel options based on flight fares. Get Going is for you if you are not very particular about the vacation destination. What’s more, you could even get a discount of around 40% on flight tickets on this site.


Bing travel

Need tips on whether or not it is a good idea to buy a flight ticket at the given price? Bing Travel is where you should go then. The almost futuristic site gives users tips on whether they should buy the tickets immediately or wait in case there is a possibility of reduction in fares.


Google flights

Google is not far behind Microsoft when it comes to assisting those looking for flight tickets. Google purchased ITA flight software that enables you to find the best flight deals for domestic travel. If you are looking at flights for international travel, this site may not have the information you need.



If you are looking for a mobile app to book cheap flight tickets for your vacation, Geneo is the one. The app has been developed by makers of CheapOair and is the perfect tool that you need to book tickets on the go. Next time you get this whim to go a vacation, you need not wait till you are home or in front of a laptop. Just Geneo!



FlyinAway takes into consideration more than the supply and demand factors for flight tickets. This is the site that lets you compete with fellow travelers who are looking for the cheapest flight deals. The site puts pricing of tickets directly into your hands – outbid that desperate fellow passenger and the best deal is yours.