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Valentines day gifts to avoid

There are many meaningful gifts you can present your special someone on Valentine’s Day. There are also some downright cheesy, offensive and crazy gift ideas that would be best to steer clear of. Some of the gifts on our list may bring a smile to your face, but we advise that you don’t push your luck no matter how zany a sense of humor or generous a spirit your significant other may have.

A gym membership

Valentine’s Day is never the right occasion to bring up the awkward topic of jiggly arms or fast-growing beer bellies. Even if you plan to drop the hint with a gym membership as your V-day gift.

Risky pets

Nothing says emergency room scare more than a weird or even dangerous pet as a ‘surprise’ gift on V-day. Snakes, turtles or flying squirrels can scare, or worse still, bite your special guy/gal, which will make your special day memorable, but for a whole other reason!

A massage chair

If your husband or boyfriend has been going on forever about that amazing massage chair he saw online, it’s probably better to wait until his birthday than gifting it on V-day. He is more likely to appreciate a leisurely massage from you on the romantic day.

A household item

Not in a mood to celebrate Valentine’s Day but feel obligated to gift your wife? Take her out to a quiet dinner, plan a picnic-for-two or treat her to breakfast in bed. Resist the temptation to gift her a toaster, microwave or other household item. She is very likely to feel that you are doing her a favor, which is not something you want on V-day at least.

Note: Your special someone may say that he/she doesn’t really care about Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t mean they want to feel unappreciated or forgotten. So, not giving him/her anything is a big no-no.

Have a V-day shocker or heart-warmer to share? Post your comments today.