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Upcycling: The New Trend Making Money for Bostonians

You may have heard the line – One man’s treasure means nothing to another. But the exact opposite has become true for many Bostonians. In this city, one man’s garbage or junk is increasingly becoming treasure for another one. Upcycling, which means converting junk or garbage into something of use, is the latest trend that has many Bostonians making money out of “nothing”. Here is how Boston’s innovative entrepreneurs are making money with upcycling, while reducing landfill.


Turning hobby into business

Many people in the historic city turned to creating something useful from trash just as a hobby. But when demand for these innovative product increased, they made it into a full time activity to earn some extra income on the side. What was once just a silly hobby is slowly turning into a small cottage industry of artists, boutique owners and designers. The demand has come as a boon for many like Anthony Ferrario, who makes ties from old military uniform. Anthony also makes custom sweatshirts out of old rags and worn out clothes he buys from thrift shops for as low as $100.


A smart way to make quick buck

Hobbies are fun, but for those of you who cannot afford to waste away any spare time, Upcycling is a great idea. For it allows you to nurture your creativity and also lets you make a quick buck on the side. Katrina Majkut is yet another upcycling entrepreneur from Boston who has used unwanted beer caps to make pin-on buttons that are sold for a price ranging between $1 and $5 per piece. There are many more like Majkut who are turning junk into beautiful art and selling them at reasonable prices at boutiques and open markets of Boston.


Artistry you can buy in Boston

It is really an art to be able to turn something of no value into something useful.  It may not be possible exactly how many upcylced pieces are available for sale in the city. But the kinds of articles available include apparel, accessories and show pieces. While most of the people upcycling junk are selling their products at boutiques and Sunday open markets, some are also offering them online. This is certainly a sign that Upcycling is gaining momentum in the region.


Etsy.com, one of the popular online stores for handmade products, has a number of people offering upcylced products. Ever since it was launched in 2005, the site has managed to sell goods worth more than $29 million. Etsy is definitely one of the sites were you can find a variety of upcylced goods from entrepreneurs in Boston, just in case you cannot go to the open markets or boutiques in the city.