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Unusual Boston Restaurants for Memorable Experiences

Did you ever think that a mundane dinner or lunch could become an unusual and exciting affair? Well, in Boston, it could, provided you visit the right restaurants. Here are a few extraordinary places where you can grab a delicious bite while having a unique experience.

Nancy’s Air Field Café
What if you could get a view of airport runways right from your seat in the diner? That’s what they offer at Nancy’s Air Field café. Situated upon a rural airfield, this café sports some unusual interior decorations apart from the unusual view from its windows. Have kids along? They will love to watch the planes land and take off while they eat. You will be surprised to see a fairly exhaustive menu at this café with Berber lamb burgers, European sandwiches making the listing.

Dicks’ Last Resort
Why would anyone go to a restaurant that has rude, obnoxious staff? Dick’s Last Resort seems to flip this question on its head with an aggressive, ‘Why NOT?’, after all, the chain employs rude staff on purpose! Originally started as a high-end establishment, the owners came up with this quirky idea when the business took a  nose-dive.

Now, the staff is trained to be obnoxious and the interiors are ‘designed’ to look tacky. Expect to be asked to wear a bib and paper hat while you are dining here and remember to grab the napkins as they are thrown at you by the servers. Warning, this restaurant is not for everyone so think well before you walk in that door.

Fife and Drum Restaurant
Located at the Northeast Correctional Center, this restaurant may be short on space but the great prices make up for it. The unusual thing about this place is that it is run by the inmates of the minimum security facility who get some hands-on training in the profession here. The food is basic, but portions are generous and in general, they do maintain consistently good taste with all the dishes on menu. The fact that cell phones are not allowed or that the flatware is all plastic may put you off though.

Cuchi Cuchi
If a wacky environment is what you like best, then Cuchi Cuchi should feel like home to you. The restaurant opened in 2001, inspired by Charo’s (from Ed Sullivan’s show) famous words ‘Cuchi Cuchi’. The theme has a heavy accent on Early Hollywood with a good bit of ostentatious old-world beauty thrown in, for good measure. Although it is not glaringly evident, the owners have spent immense time, effort and money in hand picking every aspect of the decor, including the three-stained glass windows behind the bar. The international menu is a contrast to the interiors as well as ambiance of the place and is sure to give you a pleasant surprise.