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Unconventional Things to Do in Boston

Bored of the same old sights in Boston? Don’t want to go on another trip to the museums, restaurants or public parks? Why not try something new and unusual for a change then? For those of you who are seeking a little bit more excitement and thrill, or simply a change from the tedious routine, here is a list of unusual things you can do when in Boston.

Climb the Brooklyn Boulders

If you are a fitness freak, you should try rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders, one of the popular hangouts for those with a little bit of adventurous streak in them. This is a cool alternative to actual rock climbing and is as safe as it can get, making it an excellent option even for starters.

The Artisan’s Asylum – For those crazy about creativity

The Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville isn’t a mental institution, but a temple of creativity! The place is awesome if you want to learn some new skills and ways to create something new, like metalworking, lampworking, bike building and more. The non-profit studio also facilitates those with skills to take classes at the center for free.

Go on a brewery tour or wine tasting tour

If you are thirsty for a good drink, Sam Adam’s Brewery Tour is a good idea. Although this is an activity that many tourists partake in, locals also find it to be a good break from the malls, theatres and museums once in a while. Another good idea is to go on a wine tour at the Central Bottle, where visitors get to taste beer as well as wine, every Thursday evening.

Watch the Red Sox play from Bleachers Bar

Cheering for the Red Sox from the stands of the Fenway Stadium may be a very exciting thing to do. But that is also a very common thing to do. For a different experience, catch the Red Sox play their game at field level, from the Bleachers Bar located underneath the bleachers in Fenway Stadium. The window in the bar gives you a straight view of the centerfield in the stadium, making it a whole different experience for the fans.

Get the tastiest food at little-known restaurants

There are many hidden gems of restaurants in Boston, where you can get the tastiest food at extremely low prices. If you are fed up of eating at the same diner or eatery every week, try Masa’s Brunch Fiesta at Tremont St., for an excellent spread of brunch, or go to the Back bar in Union Square for some of the best cocktails in town. You can also visit the Top of the Hub for a drink, although this is a place almost all Bostonians know about, but rarely visit.

Find out about some more unusual, interesting things to do in the next part of this article.