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Top Reasons to Buy Locally Grown Food

 If you truly want to eat healthy and live healthy, the easiest way to do it is by buying local produce. There are many reasons why this trend has caught on quite so much now. Take a look at the top 5 reasons why you too should buy locally grown food:

Fresher Food

Local produce is likely to be far fresher than food that’s been trucked in from miles away simply because it reaches the marketplace soon after it has been picked. That means it will last longer and taste better too. Since the produce is sold quickly after it is picked, it loses fewer nutrients on the journey to your table too.

Safer food

Since local farmers ship their produce to the market right after harvesting, they do not try to increase their shelf life with preservatives or other chemicals. That means when you eat local produce you get the natural goodness of the vegetable, fruit or dairy product and not unsavory additives.

Preserve Genetic Diversity

Large-scale producers choose those plant varieties that will ripen uniformly and that will retain an appearance of freshness long after picking. Local farmers are keen on growing a variety of crops that are ideally suited for your weather and soil conditions. If you want a variety of products on your table the best source is your local farmer. By encouraging him you are also encouraging genetic diversity on his farmland which is great for you, and for him.

Seasonal Foods

 Local farmers typically do not have the capital to invest in artificial ripening processes. Instead they ensure that they cover a range of fruits and veggies that flourish in each season. Result: You get to enjoy a wide range of produce that tastes wonderful because it is grown when the weather is perfect for it.

Strengthen Local Economy and Preserve Local Environment

Buying local produce is your way of supporting your neighborhood farmers and thus strengthening the local economy. While you are ensuring that the local economy is hale and hearty you also preserve the farmlands near your locality. As a result the environment also benefits. Buying local produce is a simple and very effective way to ensure that you have enough green open space around your town.  Remember, when the produce just has to travel a few miles between the farm on the outskirts of your town to your marketplace, it doesn’t need heavy packing which means you help cut down the use of more packaging materials.

Apart from all of these great reasons, it is easy to buy fresh produce when you buy local. It might also be cheaper since the farmer does not have to invest in a packaging, preservation and delivery system to get his produce to the marketplace.