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Top 5 Restaurants to Visit in Boston

Looking for the best place to satiate your hunger in Boston? Then get ready to treat your taste buds to some of the finest culinary treats in the city. Whether you are looking for a bakery, a coffee shop, a pizzeria, a neighborhood restaurant or a top-class dining place, you’ll find them all in Boston. From among them, we have listed out our top five choices. Here is a note on them.

Neptune Oyster

Your trip to Boston is incomplete if you haven’t tasted the seafood delicacies at the Neptune Oyster. Famous for its warm lobster roll and a mount-watering variety of oysters and clam chowder, the Neptune Oyster offers seafood at its best. Beware that this little seafood joint only works on first come first serve basis. There is no concept of reservation here. So don’t get late or you might have to wait for hours to get a table here.

Hungry Mother

For a homely southern meal, Hungry Mother is the place to go. Hungry Mother not only serves delicious, southern American staple food, but also has a homely feel to it. The restaurant is set up inside a home, rather than in commercial setting. Agreed Boston is not really the place for southern-cuisine lovers. But if you happen to be in Boston and have a craving to eat something southern, then Hungry Mother is certainly the place to go.


In a mood for pizza? Then Santarpio’s is the one place to go to in Boston. The eatery opened back in 1903, as only a bakery. The pizzeria is in east Boston and has been serving its famous thin-crust New York styled pizza since 1933. While pizza is the best that you get there, you can also try other Italian delicacies offered at the eatery.

Craigie on Main 

If you have a fat wad of cash in pocket and are craving for excellent food, then the Craigie on Main is the place to go. The restaurant offers one of the best and tastiest burgers in all of Boston. It may seem overly priced at $18, but taste it once and you will agree with the price. Besides the burger, the place is also known for other signatory dishes by chef Tony Maws. If you are not in a mood for burgers, just go for the “ultimate chef’s tasting” and you will not be disappointed.

Russell House Tavern

A visit to the excellent gastropubs is a must when you are in Boston. Among them, Russell House Tavern is the place where you can enjoy craft beer, and a variety of other beers like hot pepper beer and pumpkin ale all through the year. Besides beer, you must also try the creamy spinach, dirty Caesar, and the crispy soft poached chip-in farm eggs that just melt in your mouth.