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Tips to Lower Your Direct TV or Cable Bill

You can save a lot of money every year if only you pull up your socks and haggle with your Direct TV or cable TV provider. Media service works like banking. The business is quite profitable and your cable TV or Direct TV operator can give you a decent discount (somewhere in the line of $20/ $40) every month and still do well. However, people stick to the companies they know and rarely does anyone switch. It gives the cable or Direct TV company an opportunity to hike the price, knowing that the customer will not complain. If you let them know that you are looking for a new cable TV or Direct TV provider, you can compel them to give you a discount.

Note that not everyone will be offered an discount because your neighbors may be paying the full price and the service provider would not want to give them any ideas. On the other hand, the operator might give you the discount because acquiring a new customer is not easy. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate with your cable company.


Ask for the retentions department

Give a call to customer service and tell them that you are considering canceling your subscription. Do some research before you speak; find out some competitors who are actually offering a better deal. The object is to get through to the retentions department. Note that the primary goal of the retentions department is to keep you as a customer, so at this point they might be inclined to give you the discount.


Prepare a pitch

Do not beat around the bush. Take the direct approach and speak about your reservations to the customer service clearly. Here is an example.

Customer service: Hi, How may I help you today, sir?

You: Hi, I have been using your cable connection for some time now. My expenses have reached a tipping point and I am trying to lower them. I recently saw an advertisement offering cable TV service for $$$. Is it possible that you can give me a similar discount on your service?


What to do if you are offered a deal

If you have been paying full price for more than six months, the provider will probably negotiate a reduced price with you. You may get a discount of $20 or more a month or get some freebies like premium channels. If you were going to pay for those channels in the future, it will almost be like you have saved money in advance.

Note that your discount may not last for longer than a year. If the price goes up, you can always ask for a discount again. If you pay the full price for six months, the operator will probably be willing to give you more discounts.