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Tips for a Safe and Healthy Vacation

Does your vacation often end with you or your kids falling sick? Does it feel like you can never go on a vacation without catching some infection or the other? Well, you can enjoy a safer and healthier holiday like everyone else if you are willing to take a few precautions and keep these tips in mind.

When you plan a vacation

Before leaving for your vacation, take time to get a thorough medical check-up from your doctor and ensure that it is a good time to travel. If all is well, get your health records and keep copies of them with you. In case you are on any medication, make sure you carry your medicines with you. Have a medical kit in place and make note of all healthcare centers and hospitals you can visit in case of emergencies.

Get Insurance

When you go out on a holiday, you are likely to go out of your insurer’s network area. When you fall sick, or break a bone outside the network, your insurer may cover the medical expenses. But doctor consultation fee and cost of medicines may not be covered outside. Also, the extent of your insurance coverage is often limited to your own country, so if you fall sick in a foreign country, your insurer may not cover your expenses. So, before you go, find out about travel insurance policies and take one that will come in handy should you need medical assistance during your vacation.

Use Sanitizers                                                                   

Infection causing germs tend to spread faster in crowded places like airports, cruise ships or markets. Make sure you carry a sanitizer with you, and keep it handy. Use the sanitizer after using washroom in public spaces and also before you eat something. This will reduce your chances of catching infectious diseases like cold and flu.


Eat and Drink Healthy

You might certainly want to try out the local cuisine when you are in a new place. That is alright, but care should be taken in choosing the kind of places where you want to eat and the water you drink. Make sure the drinking water you get is clean and pure. If you have doubts, stick to bottled water. Whatever you choose, drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

More importantly, know what you are eating, especially if you are allergic to anything. Eat at hygienic places and avoid foods that your digestive system may not agree with. Also stick to hot and freshly prepared food to avoid diarrhea during your vacation.