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TIME Magazine’s 10 Best Things to Do in Boston

When you ask someone about the best things to do in Boston when on a vacation or otherwise, different people have different opinions. While there is always a standard list of things that many would recommend, travel enthusiasts have a keen eye on what one should do for making the most of one’s time in Boston. So here is what the travel experts from Time magazine believe to be the 10 best things you should to do when in Boston.

  1. The Freedom Trail is the first tourist destination that one would recommend you to visit in Boston. Time Magazine also recommends you to go on the Freedom Trial, only the abbreviated one. Instead of the 2.5 mile which covers around 16 historical sites, go on a custom-guided tour or pick places that are most interesting to you.
  1. A walk along the narrow trails of the Beacon Hill is also a great idea when in Boston, one of America’s favorite walking cities. Follow the Black History Trail here and you’ll understand why many Boston Brahmins, back then and now, decided to stay here.
  1. The next best thing to do while in Boston is to spend the evening along the Boston side of Charles River – go for a walk, a jog or just take a stroll along the banks of the river and enjoy the view of the city.
  1. If you happen to be a Red Sox fan, then your visit to Boston will not be complete without seeing the Red Sox play at their home ground.
  1. A visit to the ICA or the Institute of Contemporary Arts, established in 2006, is also recommended for art lovers.
  1. Go to the Boston Public Library at least once when in the city. Not to borrow books to read, but just to admire the architecture of the magnificent library building designed by New York firm McKim, Mead and White.
  1. Time also recommends a visit to some of the many bakeries and eateries in the South End, for a taste of authentic New England cuisines and baked goods. The streets are filled with a number of restaurants and also shops, in case you are looking for some retail therapy.
  1. A visit to Back Bay area in Boston, which is the 8 block shopping stretch in Newbury Street, is also recommended by tourists. You can find down-market stores like Lucky Jeans and Banana Republic for budget shopping, and also come across luxury chains like Cartier and Chanel as you walk down the street.
  1. You need not be an aspiring student to visit the Harvard Yard when in Boston. Go for a walk along the Harvard streets to get a feel of the university and its atmosphere. You could get into Memorial Church, peak into the Peabody Museum of Archaeology or visit one of the museums in the area.
  1. A scenic setting in J.P or Jamaica Plain, the Jamaica Pond is a favorite off-beaten path for some in Boston. The freshwater pond is a part of the famed Emerald Necklace stretch of Boston.