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The Five Best Coffee Shops In Boston

It is the first thing that many people want early in the morning – a hot cuppa Joe! Coffee shops are the pit stops for those running off to work early. These are the places where you can grab a cup of coffee or tea to go along with a muffin, a donut or a bagel. Coffee shops also happen to be places of leisure where many students tend to spend their time for the free Wi-Fi. Regardless of why you love a coffee shop, if you are looking for one in Boston, here is a list of five best coffee shops you can choose from.

Diesel Café

Located on Elm Street in Somerville, Diesel Café is a popular place where Boston’s college crowd hangs out. The place is stylish and inviting, and serves some of the best breakfast burritos, egg & cheese on a bagel alongside healthy yogurt parfaits and of course, excellent coffee. The place also serves salads, sandwiches and a very delicious Monkey Wrench that you can try for lunch.

Flour Bakery & Café

Flour Bakery & Café is an excellent bakery that also serves great coffee to its customers. The café has two branches, one in Cambridge and the other in Boston. If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love Flour Bakery & Café, which offers mouthwatering pastries, pies, muffins and soufflés, all straight from the oven. The café also serves some of the tastiest sweet potato soup, roast lamb sandwich, healthy quinoa salad, quinoa tofu salad and BBQ Mac & cheese. Oh, and don’t forget to try the famous sticky bun that was even featured on television.

Boston Common Coffee

The favorite coffee shop of many Bostonians, Boston Common Coffee is located in Washington Street. The place is friendly and serves not just the finest coffee, but also some of the finest baked delicacies like blueberry scones, cookies, vegan donuts, grilled sandwiches and healthy delicacies like veggie wraps. The lattes are cheaper here than at most other coffee shops in the city, and are available in a variety of interesting flavors including pumpkin.

Wired Puppy

Wired Puppy in Newbury Street is the place to go if you are looking for a coffee shop with free Wi-Fi. As long as you are eating or drinking here, you can enjoy the free and speedy Wi-Fi for working on your college project or your work. Besides the good cappuccino, Wired Puppy also serves some of the cheapest Columbian coffee, Costa Rican coffee, Espresso, and the in-house special Sweet Puppy Love Blend.

Pavement Coffee House

A small and cozy coffee shop between Massachusetts Avenue and Hemenway Street, Pavement Coffee House offers coffee, bagels, sandwiches and a friendly service. The Spanish latte is good here, as is the salty-sweet raisin scone. Other baked goods served here include toffee cookies, tofu cream cheese sandwich, vegan tequila sunrise and hot chocolate.

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