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Strange Sights to see in New England

When you are planning your annual vacation, chances are you are listing out all the usual spots – beaches, museums, zoos and restaurants on your itinerary. How about making your New England holiday a memorable one this time by taking in some of the strange and unusual sights that this locations has to offer? Take a look at some of them:

Paul Bunyan Statue

A 35 feet high, 3700 pound statue is an unusual sight, no doubt and Bangor is deservedly famous for this statue of Paul Bunyan. This is considered to be the place where Bunyan was born so that explains why the town authorities decided to put up this enormous tribute to this legendary logger here. The statue was donated to Bangor in time for the 125th anniversary of the town in 1959.

Stonehenge in the US

If you have always wanted to get a glimpse of Stonehenge but never managed to make the trip, here is your chance to make up for your disappointment. 40 miles north of Boston lie 30 acres of interesting relics for you to explore and experience. You can find cave-like living spaces, curiously aligned rock formations, a sacrificial altar made of stone and many other interesting structures here. It continues to be a mystery where they came from, what exactly they were used for and by whom.

Plumbing museum

That’s bound to be a new one even if you are an avid museum buff. This museum is located in the appropriately named Watertown. The structure is actually a 150-year old ice house that has attracted visitors since its opening in 1979. The museum was originally in Worcester and relocated to Massachusetts in 2008.

Here, visitors can get a glimpse of how plumbing has progressed and improved through the ages. They can juxtapose olden day plumbing equipment with modern day ones to see how life is so much different and comfortable today. If you have always taken your concealed plumbing, shining new faucets and high power shower for granted, this might be a good place to visit!

Profile Rock

Profile Rock is an astounding sight you get to see in Freetown State forest, in south east Massachusetts. This 50-foot outcropping is believed to be Chief Massasoit according to the Wampanoags. You might just spot an UFO, sight aliens, or glimpse Bigfoot or a couple of ghosts here considering that this place gets an unusually high number of such sightings every year. There are a number of legends surrounding this area and many believe that the land here is cursed. Whether you believe in the supernatural stuff or not, the impressive rock face profile is well worth a visit.