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Spring Flower Fest Expected to be a big Draw

If you find your friends and colleagues heading down to Massachusetts this month, they are probably going to the spring flower show in South Hadley’s Mount Holyoke College. This event is expected to draw a minimum of 2000 people. If you want to refresh yourself and take a break from the bleak winter landscape that you are surrounded with right now, the time is just right for a visit to Pioneer Valley.

Three different shows culminate with the Mount Holyoke event

March is a time for flowers and fragrances in Massachusetts. The events started off with the Amherst Orchid Society show at the end of February where visitors got a glimpse of various varieties of orchid from all over the south of New England. The flower display is going to be held at the Smith College Botanical Garden and the Mount Holyoke College . At Mount Holyoke, the flower show is on at the Talcott Greenhouse, South Hadley until 16 March .

Free entry to the show

The best part about the show is that the entry is absolutely free unlike the Amherst show where a $5 fee was charged. You can visit the Talcott Greenhouse to take in the splendor of the blooms any time between 10 am and 4 pm. On 14 March 2014 , the college is keeping the show open  until 8 pm. That gives you a perfect way to spend the Friday evening with your date! You may be asked to make a nominal $2 donation when you are at the show, though.

Forget the dreary winter amidst these blooms

Row after row of colorful hyacinths, pansies, narcissus, primroses, freesia, tulips, anemones, canary brooms and many, many more varieties displayed here promise a visual treat for visitors. The subtle fragrances add their own special magic to the show.

According to the organizers, the annual Spring Flower show is a great opportunity for kids to learn about these blooms and their life cycle. In fact, they say that many of the visitors return several times over the duration of the show to see how the bulbs evolve over time. A whole lot of hard work and careful maintenance goes into creating the spectacular array of flowers in time for the show. The preparations began in summer and the bulbs were stored in a cooler until January when they were shifted to the greenhouse. At the greenhouse, proper care was taken, with regular adjustments being made to the temperature to ensure that the flowers bloom right in time for the event.

So don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness the beautiful display created here.