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Some of the Best Walking and Running Trails in Boston

Boston is counted among the best walking cities of the US, and for a reason. The city is best explored on foot according to many, and has a number of walking and jogging trails that fitness enthusiasts and even nature lovers will appreciate. If you are among those who prefer walking to traveling by car, train or any other vehicle, then here is a list of some of the best walking and running trails in the historic city of Boston.


Jamaica Pond

One of the most scenic trails for walkers and joggers, Jamaica Pond is a 1.5 mile long stretch that goes round the pond. The best times for walking along this path include summer and spring, a time when the pond is also ready for sailing enthusiasts. The pond was established in 1892 and is one of the oldest walking trails that attract both tourists and locals alike.


Fresh Pond

Whether you want to walk or run or job, the trail along the Fresh Pond reservoir is an excellent option. This is also a favorite trail that dog walkers take to keep their furry friends fit and healthy. This is close to the Alewife Station on the MBTA and is a 2.25 mile long circular stretch around the pond.


Castle Island

If you want to go for a short run or walk, then there are two trails you can choose at Castle Island. The smaller one is around the fort, and is about .79 miles, while the longer one is 1.84 miles around Pleasure Bay. A number of people come here for their daily walks, while others come here at times for a stroll and to enjoy the beautiful scenery around.


Charles River

One of the most beautiful walking and cycling trails in Boston, the stretch along Charles River is 18 miles long and offers a beautiful view of the city to the visitors. The fact that it is a popular cycling trail and that it is an excellent destination from where one can get a panoramic view of Boston makes it popular among tourists too. If you cannot walk the entire 18-mile loop, you can always walk a little and cycle your way through the rest.


Brooklyn Reservoir

If you don’t want to be around too many people, then the trail circling the reservoir, which was originally built to supply drinking water to Boston, is a great option. The path offers a scenic view of the lake and also the area around it. If you are looking for a peaceful walking or jogging trail, this is the one for you.

Besides these, you can also check out other popular trails at Commonwealth Ave. Mall, Blue Hills Reservation and Carriage Road.