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Six Ways to Spend Less When Eating Out

Everyone loves to eat out at least once in a while. The idea of going out to a nice restaurant with your friends or family is good because it allows you to socialize and also gives you a break from your own kitchen. That aside, eating out often can be an expensive affair and can quickly lighten your pockets. How then, can you enjoy dining out without worrying about the costs? Here are a few tips for that.

  1. Go Dutch – Share your food and bill

Sharing is a great way to reduce your burden. When you go out with friends, share a meal. Most restaurants allow it and may even divide the dish into two portions before they serve it to you. Another way to spend less is to Go Dutch and pay only for what you eat.

  1. Go for lunch, not dinner

Restaurants usually have the same menu for lunch and dinner, but they charge less for the items served during lunch and more for the same item served during dinner time. This is usually to deal with competition during the afternoon rush hour, when the portions served are also small. If you want to go to a restaurant to fulfill your desire to simply eat out, why not go out at lunchtime instead of going out to dinner in the evening?

  1. Go on a weekday

If you want to go out for dinner during the week, pick a weekday instead of the weekends. Very few people have the time to go out during the week, which is why restaurants offer deals to their guests at that time. Look for daily deals and specials at restaurants and pick the right day to eat out quality food for less. You could also look out for when the restaurant serves your favorite dish and pick that day to eat out.

  1. Get free drinks

If you can make it, go out to eat during the happy hours. Pick a bar and restaurant where they serve free drinks during specific hours. By cutting down on the cost of drinks, you bring down your dining out expenses by more than half.

  1. Opt for home delivery

If you’ve got a craving for restaurant food and not really for restaurant atmosphere, then order the food by phone. That way, you cut down the cost of traveling to the restaurant, and also save time that you may spend waiting to get a table.

  1. Use coupons

Check sites like Groupon to get best restaurant deals and save money otherwise spent on dining out. You can also find restaurant and dining coupons in magazines and newspapers. Keep your eyes open for deals and make the most of them to eat out more without spending much.

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