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Seven of 50 World’s Best Restaurants in America

The fact that seven of the world’s 50 best restaurants are present in America is an indication of the gastronomical delights the country has to offer. Each one of these seven restaurants is distinct in its approach to food and boasts of culinary skills and fares that even the best food critics would reckon with. It is small feats that have made them win awards from the prestigious Restaurant Magazine.

Here’s what these restaurants offer:

Eleven Madison Park – This restaurant located in New York boasts of a multi-course menu inspired by the local agricultural produce of New York coupled with cooking traditions that date back to several centuries. Guests are encouraged to share food preferences based on allergies or other restrictions to enjoy a perfect dining experience under the guidance of Chef Daniel Humm. This is where the people of Boston should be heading for a day or night studded with Michelin stars.

Le Bernardin – Set up in New York in 1986, Le Bernardin is a three Michelin start restaurant that serves some of the best fish. Various textures, flavors and themes are developed with the purpose of presenting fish in the finest of ways to the visiting patrons. New York’s energy and proven French culinary skills find a perfect combination here – a truly global food approach. There also exists a beautifully designed lounge with a separate menu and eclectic alcohol.

Per Se – Yet another gastronomical paradise right in the center of Manhattan, Per Se offers its patrons a riot of flavors. With different nine-course meals designed everyday, the menu at this restaurant promises to make people stop and take notice of flavors and fares that will satisfy the stomach as well as the soul.

Daniel – On Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Daniel exudes elegance, charm and excellence in décor, design, service and of course food. A unique representation of contemporary French cuisine this restaurant even has private dining options, provides late night desserts and a lot more. Chef Daniel Boulud, who is at the helm of affairs here definitely knows what he is doing.

Alinea – This one in Chicago is made of stuff that has the potential to blow  your mind. Unique interpretations of everyday and exotic ingredients from apple to caviar find expression in truly artistic forms, where the serving plates, dishes and apparatus are chef’s canvas.

The French Laundry – This restaurant in Chicago is the mother ship of the restaurant Per Se located in New York. It adopts the same approach to food, follows the same tradition of offering unique nine-course meals and is on the same mission of making people happy – just at a different location.

Coi – A Daniel Patterson restaurant in the San Francisco, Coi is, in Peter Meehan’s words, one of the very few restaurants that is at once a personal space and a dining space. The menu changes regularly depending on the local produce that is available in the market. It’s the landscape that surrounds the restaurant, merging seamlessly into its interiors, coupled with the chef’s genius skill that makes Coi a must visit, even for people who aren’t big spenders.