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Save Energy by Unplugging These Devices in Your Home

Does the term “vampire power” mean anything to you? If you haven’t heard of it, perhaps it is time for you to know exactly what is increasing your power bills. Even if you are really careful, there are many appliances around the house that are continually sucking power even when they are not in use! In fact, an average home has about forty appliances that are constantly using power and account for almost 10% of the electricity bills. This is a surprisingly large amount of wastage, considering that you aren’t even using the appliances. Here are five main appliances you can switch off to conserve your energy bills.


Video games

Gaming consoles like the Wii, Xbox, and PlayStation are constantly hooked to the plug and can eat up to 230 KWH every year, costing you around $25. That money could afford you another game altogether. If you want to save on your bills, unplug your console when not in use or at least switch off the hidden button located on the back of the box. The main ‘off’ switch merely puts the machine into a standby mode and continues to use power while the second switch kills power completely.


DVD player

Even though it is used only on the weekends or even once a month, your DVD player is constantly plugged. With 24/7 connection to the power socket, a single DVD player can waste up to 78 KWH in a single year and cost about $8. Sure, $8 is a miniscule amount, but unplugging the device could still contribute to your annual savings significantly.


Phone charger

Although phone chargers do not consume too much energy, they still continue to suck power that you can easily save. Additionally, leaving the charger plugged in along with the laptop, gaming console, TV, and other players can substantially increase wastage. This is why it is best to remove the charger from its socket whenever you are done. Being one of the easiest appliances to use and unplug, chargers are only useful when your phone is low on battery.


Plasma TV

Plasma televisions are perhaps the biggest culprits of energy wastage, consuming over 1,400 KWH in a single year and costing over $150. One of the biggest ways in which you can save on electricity is by unplugging your TV whenever it is not in use, especially when you leave for work or on a vacation. Even though you watch TV only for a few hours each day, it continues to consumer power the rest of the day. While LCD TVs are less wasteful, they still suck power that you can easily save by pulling the plug.



As important as your laptop is, it is not sound to leave it charging the entire time you are away from home. Laptops are one of the leading causes of power wastage and can cost up to $15 a year in wastage. It is wise to plug your laptop only when it is charging and disconnect it when its battery is full.