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Romantic Getaways around Boston

Everybody needs a break from the daily grind. Even if you are living in a lively city like Boston, you would like some time off from your daily routine. And the best part about living in Boston is that it is located so conveniently close to variety of places offering a change of scenery and mood too.  If you need to pep up your marriage or rekindle your love life, here are some quick weekend escapades you can consider around Boston.

Cape Cod

One of the most popular weekend getaways for couples, Cape Cod is around 80 miles from Boston. The 70-mile long cape can be divided into six parts that have beautiful beaches with a laid back attitude, alongside historical, artistic and entertaining attractions. If you want to look around the cape a bit, just get on a tour boat and explore. You can also plan a luxurious holiday in the Cape’s islands, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, if your budget permits.

The White Mountains

Among the many places in the country with picturesque surroundings, the White Mountains are perfect for a romantic escapade. Situated in New Hampshire, around 134 miles away from Boston, the White Mountains offer holiday options for all kinds of people. You could go on an adventure with your loved one, or simply choose to spend your time inside one of the cozy cottages in the region. The place has many resorts, hotels and bed & breakfast inns to suit different budget requirements.


If a quiet seaport town is the perfect getaway for you and your lover, then Portsmouth is just the place to go to. Settle yourselves in one of the many inns nestled amidst nature and spend the weekend in utter serenity. The place also offers a number of activities that you can partake in with your partner. Portsmouth is just about an hour from Boston, and a popular romantic getaway with an easy-going attitude.


Situated 61 miles to the south of Boston, Newport in Rhode Island has a beautiful shoreline and some of the biggest mansions in the region. Among the most romantic things you can do here is to take the 3.5 mile long walk along the cliff with your partner. Not only will you get to spend some quality time together, you also get some exercise and a magnificent view of the ocean and the majestic mansions of the town.


If Vegas type vacation is something that you and your partner enjoy, then visit Foxwoods Resort and Casino for an action packed weekend. Foxwoods is a little less than two hours away from Boston, and is the second biggest casino in the US. The casino resort is around 80 miles from Boston and is the most popular choice of those looking to make a quick buck over the weekend.