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Pubs You Must Visit When in Boston

For those who enjoy their drink, Boston also has a number of Irish pubs and bars that must be visited with friends and lovers. Whether you enjoy scotch on the rocks, a good bottle of vintage wine or just a mug of beer or ginger liqueur, Boston’s bars have it all for you. Add live music to the impressive list of liqueurs, and you can have a whale of time in one of the city’s many pubs. If you are visiting Boston, make sure you visit these pubs.

Cambridge Brewing Company

If you and your buddies want to have a good chat over a beer, the Cambridge Brewing Company is the place to go. The Cambridge Brewing Company is located in Kendall Square, and produces some of the best beer in the country, and undoubtedly the finest in Boston. The brewpub is managed by Will Myers and his team, and also offers seasonal ales like pumpkin ale, sour and wild beers, alongside sour red ale. The place is frequented by locals and visitors alike.

The Black Rose

Opened in 1976, The Black Rose is a pub and restaurant known for its spirits as well as delicious dishes. Located in Quincy Market, near the famous Faneuil Hall, this Irish pub is a place where you can enjoy both your drink and food. The Black Rose restaurant serves a number of delicacies, of which you must try the chowder, not to forget the fish and chips, which is among the best in the city.

Brendan Behan Pub

For a cozy afternoon with your girl or guy, the Brendan Behan Pub is the place to go. The pub is also a great place to spend your afternoons with your pooch as the pub also allows pets inside. The neighborhood is very friendly, and the bar is close to a pizza and a Chinese takeaway, so you can enjoy a beer while you wait for your order to get ready.

The Lansdowne

If you are looking to get drunk on inexpensive beer and have plain fun, hit the Lansdowne in the evening, when it is filled with college students and interesting locals. You can get a good amount of drink here for just $5 and if you don’t mind the techno music and drunk dancing on the floor, you will keep coming back here for more.

Matt Murphy’s Pub

Matt Murphy’s Pub feels more like a community public house than a bar and restaurant. The pub is located in Brookline Center and offers comfort drinks and food, namely fish and chips popular in the area.

Among other pubs and bars you should visit include Mr. Dooley’s on Broad Street, The Druid, Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks, Stoddard’s Fine Food and Ale, Lord Hobo, The Banshee and The Burren.