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Planning A Bachelor Party In Boston – Things To Do

Bachelor parties are all about having fun, some PG rated and some adult. Boston is a great place to get married and to throw a fun-filled, themed bachelor party. Whether you want to go on a fishing trip with your buddies, to a casino to spend some money away or a strip club and have a wild bachelor party, Boston can be a great place where you can plan it all. If you are looking to have some fun with your friends before tying the knot, or if you want to treat your soon-to-be-married friend to a wild time in Boston, here are some ideas you can use.

Fishing Trip

If your friend enjoys fishing, there are a number of tour operators in Boston who can plan the perfect fishing and boating trip for you. Fishing is a great way to unwind and have “man-time” with your buddies while enjoying chilled beer and more. You could plan a day-long fishing trip, spend time catching fish with your buddies in the morning and in the evening, surprise the groom with a striptease event on the boat. Fishing trip can be a good idea when the groom wants to spend time with a handful of his closest pals and not otherwise.

Fun Night at the Pub

Going to one of the best pubs in Boston is the most traditional and common way to celebrate a man’s last day of bachelorhood. But even this simple event can be made exciting with a few things planned ahead. Rather than just sit and have drinks with friends, get your soon-to-be-married friend to complete a few challenges for fun. For instance, you can dare him to flirt and collect business cards from at least two women in the pub, buy a girl a drink, drink shots every time he mentions his fiancĂ© and so on.

Go Golfing

Golfing and partying at the golf club is also a great idea when you have only a handful of people attending the party. Take your friend for a few rounds of golf in the morning and throw him a party at the club in the evening, and celebrate his last day as a bachelor with close friends and family.

Strip Clubs

If wild is the way to go for you and your friends, then Boston has a number of strip clubs you can hit for a bachelor party. Just visit one of the many clubs at random or pick one and book it for a party venue in advance, to give your friend a gala time. Some of these clubs can also arrange for strippers to be sent to your chosen location if you want a more private event.