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Most Famous Foods in Massachusetts

Every place has its own famous foods and Massachusetts is no exception. It is not just the brew that makes this locale so well known across the world. There are some specials that taste best only when you order them at a restaurant down here, which knows exactly how to give that authentic flavor to the dish. Want to know what foods you should be trying out when you are visiting Massachusetts?

Lobster in Melted Butter

If your idea of a great meal is to have that crisp lobster dipped in butter, then Massachusetts is sure to become your favorite place to hang-out. The state has plenty of Atlantic lobster, which gives that unique sweet delicious flavor that not many other places can match. Get some fine dining done here in Massachusetts with delicious recipes made with this crustacean and you will know why sea food is such a craze here.

Oysters on the half shell or chowder – Which is your favorite?

While we are on the subject of sea food, talking about the oyster-based dishes here is absolutely necessary. The Wellfleet oysters are a well known delicacy in Massachusetts. If you want to experiment with other tastes you can try out some oysters on the half shell or chowder from one of the many other locations here where oysters are cultivated.  Don’t forget to take in the oyster tour at these places.

Clam chowder is another very famous food in these parts and you would be surprised at the kind of variety that you will find in this food category alone. Just try authentic Massachusetts clam chowder with thick broth and you may never be able to taste something as delicious again.

Famous Boston cream pie

Occupying the pride of place as the official dessert of Massachusetts, the Boston Cream Pie is not restricted to Boston alone, fortunately for tourists. Two layers of cake with rich, creamy and delicious vanilla custard filling makes up the Boston Pie, which is complete only when you have the chocolate glaze on top. The name ‘pie’ may be a misnomer, but taste wise, this Massachusetts favorite hits the bulls eye every time. You will not need to look very far to experience this famous food because it features on almost every restaurant’s menu down here.

Baked beans

Not surprisingly, baked beans are a popular food here in Beantown. The baked beans here do taste better than most though. They bring that unique molasses taste and come flavored with pork – a recipe that dates back to the pilgrim days. Feast over it with corn bread like our ancestors did or order it as a side dish to enjoy your taste of this traditional Massachusetts food.
Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/freedigitalphotos.com