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Luxury Vacation in Boston is Worth the Money

When one thinks of a luxury vacation, one usually thinks of cities like Paris, London, New York, LA etc around the world. But what if you cannot afford to go that far for a luxury vacation? Does that mean you have to settle for something lesser? Not necessarily. You can enjoy a luxurious vacation in our very own Boston. Boston has everything from private charters, five star hotels and more than you can splurge on to enjoy a lavish holiday. Here are a few ideas for planning a luxury escapade to Boston.

Check-In to a Five-Star Hotel

The city and the outskirts of Boston both have a number of 5-star hotels that you can check-into for a wonderful time. The opulent accommodations in these hotels have all the amenities you may need to make your holiday as pleasant as possible. From a spa, in-house gym, pool, bar, restaurants, and more, these hotels have them all. They have the finest concierge service, round-the-clock room service and well-known chefs who will serve the finest and tastiest dishes to you with a smile.

Spa day

A luxury holiday is no fun if you cannot pamper yourself. And what better way to pamper and rejuvenate your senses than with a day at the spa. Many of the luxury hotels in Boston have an in-house spa where you can simply walk in for treating your skin and senses with aromatic oils and a refreshing massage. Or, you can also visit one of the many resorts and spas that are scattered around the city of Boston. These resorts also have fabulous accommodations that you will definitely appreciate when on a luxury holiday.

Shop till you drop

Boston may not be a fashion hub like New York or Paris, but it is home to a few luxury stores like Chanel, Valentino and Cartier. The city also has a number of antique stores that have collectors’ items and valuable d├ęcor that you can add to your home. Then there is the Louis Boston in the Seaport district that is worth a visit on your luxury Boston vacation.

Luxury boat ride

The city of Boston is best explored on foot, or on water. There are a number of boat rentals where you can hire a luxury boat for a day’s tour of the city. You can have the boat exclusively to yourself and your family or friends. So go ahead and enjoy your luxury vacation by throwing a party on a luxury boat. You can hire a boat just for two or two hundred people depending on the kind of experience you are looking to have on your holiday. All you need for that is taste and enough money.