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Little-known Mexican Restaurants in Boston

Are you in the mood for tasty tacos or enchiladas in Boston? The city has a good number of Mexican restaurants but how many of them are really “good” to visit? The good news is that Boston does not disappoint when it comes to the number of restaurants serving mouth-watering Mexican delicacies to their guests. While you may already know of some, here is a list of some of the less-known Mexican restaurants in the city.

Tu Y Yo

The restaurant with a unique name, Tu Y Yo is a cozy little Mexican eatery serving some of the best, authentic traditional Mexican feast to its customers. This place is not where you will find oily enchiladas or watery salsas. Tu Y Yo is the place you should go to if you want to enjoy the finest stuffed poblano pepper with a combination of creamy walnut sauce, stuffed crepes in poblano pepper sauce and the kind.

La Posada

Located in Mass Ave, La Posada promises its guests the best customer service with a BYOB policy, and of course, home styled Mexican dishes that you will simply love. This place is less known but attracts a number of Mexican food lovers from the area. One thing you should not miss here – fresh cactus omelet.

Cantina La Mexicana

One of the oldest Mexican restaurants in Boston, Cantina La Mexicana was established a long time ago in Washington St. in Somerville. The cantina, which used to be a stuffed takeout zone, now has sufficient dining area where guests can enjoy some of the best stuffed tamales and Mexican style pork or chicken while enjoying some solid margaritas.


Picante is a casual Mexican eatery in Mass. Ave, Cambridge and offers tangy enchiladas and other delicious snacks. The place is often missed by those eyeing the burrito place nearby, but those with a taste for some real Mexican fare do not miss it.

Dorado Tacos

Located in Harvard Street, in Brookline, Dorado Tacos is the place to be for the best Mexican street food in the area. The specialty of this place, the Baja-style fish tacos is a must try. The good news is that snacks and even a full course meal will cost you a lot less here than it will at other Mexican restaurants claiming to offer authentic Mexican food.

Beantown Taqueria

Bostonians may not like their city to be called the Beantown. But they certainly will like the Beantown Taqueria, which is a cantina located in Mass Ave, Cambridge. Despite its inane name, the place is where you can get some of the tastiest chilaquiles, which happens to be a heavy pan of tortilla chips in tomato sauce and dressed in onions, tomatoes, lettuce, a bit of sour cream and queso fresco only at $6!

Image courtesy of KEKO64/freedigitalphotos.net