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Kid-friendly Restaurants in Boston, Massachusetts

Traveling with your family can be an immensely fulfilling experience that allows you to spend some quality time with them. However, your entire vacation can turn into a disaster if you fail to locate eateries that can cater to kids’ ever-changing tastes. Before you travel make a note of these kid-friendly Boston restaurants that are well liked by parents and children alike.

Full Moon

Talk about kidfriendly eateries in Boston and the first name you are likely to hear is Full Moon. All time favorites macaroni and cheese will keep your kids happy while you dig into slightly more sophisticated fare at this restaurant. In fact, the restaurant’s website makes it a point to underline how every member of the family will find something suitable on their menu. The NY Times has paid tribute to Full Moon’s desserts, especially the chocolate pudding cake which is sure to make this restaurant a favorite hang-out for your children.

You will find recipes from across the world at this eatery and that’s a real boon for hassled parents who are reconciled to finding a McDonald’s at every vacation spot. The well stocked play space is perhaps the parents’ most loved feature at this restaurant since it keeps kids busy for good, while the adults can enjoy a proper meal.

D’Angelo Sandwich Shop

This truly is a good place to dine out with your kids, especially if you are looking for the less fat, less mess kind of food. The eatery has a kids’ special meal that gets you a soda/ milk, dessert and a surprise toy along with the standard sandwich. The menu keeps both kids and adults happy with cheeseburgers, meat balls, ham and cheese as well as tuna featuring here. Don’t be surprised if you find more than 40 varieties of sandwiches listed on their menu. You can have cold and hot subs, salads and wraps here at great prices too.

Union Oyster House

Want to dine at a National Historic Landmark and yet ensure that your kids eat their fill?  Well at Union Oyster House, you can do exactly that. It is popularly believed that this is the oldest restaurant in the country. If that makes you think Union Oyster House has an outdated menu, you are in for a fantastic surprise. This restaurant has a great selection of foods suitable for both adults and kids, including the fried chicken tenders, fried fish filet sandwich, hamburger, hot dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Joe’s American Bar and Grill

With a quintessentially American name like that, this restaurant has to offer the traditional American fare and it does that, in spades. Stuffed burgers, clam chowder, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas  and more vie for attention here and your kids are sure to love it. To make sure that younger diners have enough to satisfy their tastes, this restaurant offers a complimentary fudge sundae. Don’t forget to try the choco-chip cookie with yummy toppings under the pretense of ordering some for your kids!
Image courtesy of stockimages/freedigitalphotos.com