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Jay Larson’s Choice of Best Bars and Restaurants in and around Boston

If you have watched the reality TV show called Exposed, you would be familiar with the name Jay Larson. Known as one of the funniest standup comedians in the US, Jay Larson shares his ideas about the finest bars and restaurants in Boston, along with fellow artiste and comedian Sean Patton, for their new TV show called Best Bars in America. Here is the list of eateries and Bars that Larson thinks are among the best in Boston.


Highland Kitchen, Somerville

Located at Highland Ave. in Somerville, Highland Kitchen has a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies for food lovers. From a yummy goat stew, Fred chicken with collard greens, deviled eggs, buffalo fried brussel sprouts, shrimp and grits for the main course to a mouth-watering banana bread pudding, pancakes with berries on top, and the restaurant’s very own appetizer for brunch – the beignets – you get everything you may want to try here.


B&G Oysters

For some of the finest seafood, Jay Larson recommends you visit B&G Oysters, which has some really delicious salmon entrée, scallops, lobster salad, raw shrimp with oysters, and tomato salad with goat cheese for the main course and spiced cheese cake, or carrot cake in a jar or milk chocolate budino for dessert. The BLT and the lobster roll here are also a must try. B&G also has an impressive wine list to go with your choice of food, making it a perfect place for a rounded meal.


Regina Pizzeria

A popular pizza joint frequented by locals as well as tourists, Regina Pizzeria also finds a spot in Larson’s list of best restaurants in Boston. Hand-made pizzas with fresh cheese and other toppings make Regina’s a hit with many pizza lovers. The eatery also has salads you may want to indulge in. The best part is that Regina’s has a variety of vegetarian pizzas that veggie lovers go nuts for.



Loved baked goods? Then Larson suggests that you pay a visit to Bova’s Bakery, which is located between Prince St and Noyes PI in the North End of Boston. The bakery is open 24 hours a day and is just the place to go to if you are hungry for a sandwich, a calzone, lobster tail, and pumpkin cannoli for starters and tasty pistachio macaroons, fruit tarts, chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, strawberry shortcake and German chocolate cake for dessert are a must try.


Vinny Testa’s

Vinny Testa’s Bar Ristorante is next Jay Larson’s List. The bar and restaurant is located in Dedham, MA and is considered as one of the best chain restaurants in Boston. The Italian food there is simply delicious, and the espresso martini here is simply great. The house wines list is also pretty decent, and combined with the food menu, it makes for a great place to spend your evenings.