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Interesting Facts About Boston That You Didn’t Know

When you mention Boston, a number of people only think of the Boston Tea Party and the Red Sox. Most people know that Boston has a rich political history and has been the place where a number of things took place for the first time in the US. But not many people know everything about the city. Here are a few interesting facts about the glorious city of Boston, which make it an even more exciting place for a vacation.

Boston Firsts

Boston has a number of firsts that only the citizens of this city and a few others around the country actually know of. Boston is home to the first Public school, the Boston Latin School, in the United States. The first sewing machine, which removed the need for using chicken wire to hold pieces of cloth together, was patented in Boston by Elias Howe. The most successful sewing machine for commercial use was also patented in Boston by none other than Isaac Singer in 1851.

Boston is also home to the first ever chocolate factory in the US. The country’s first subway system also took shape on 1 September 1897 in Boston, which was also called The Walking City back in the 1890s. The St. Patrick Day parade that is all about green and beer was also first celebrated in this city. The Irish brought this festival here back in the 17th century, and the city today boasts of having one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country. The first American lighthouse was also built in Boston Harbor.

Boston University Bridge

If you are in Boston, you shouldn’t miss the Boston University Bridge. At first, you may think that there is nothing special about it. But perhaps on a closer look you will realize that it is the only place in the world where the four major modes of transport can possibly go under one another at the same time. The bridge, once known as the Cottage Farm Bridge, goes right above the rail road, which is built over the River Charles, which means this is where a boat can pass under a railroad under a passing car under an aeroplane. Interesting, right?

Boston Museums – Home to Death Masks and Much More

Boston has a number of interesting museums including the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Contemporary Art. The art museum has some of the finest collection of paintings and sculptures, and the science museum has over 25,000 artifacts but it is the Warren Anatomical Museum that is most interesting, with a huge collection of unusual and educational anatomical pieces. Among them include the skull of Phineas Gage, inhalers used in ether-assisted surgeries in 1846 and 15,000 other interesting pieces. The museum is a must visit if you are travelling with teenaged boys.

Image courtesy of Puttsk/www.freedigitalphotos.net