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Increase Your Social Media Exposure with Loyalty Programs

Almost every company today is devising a loyalty program to show its appreciation to returning customers to retain them over the long run. But, have you ever thought of using a rewards program for something other than encouraging loyalty in your clients? You may be surprised to know that you can also use your loyal customers’ help to increase your online exposure. Here are five ways in which a loyalty program can improve your reach and your exposure on social media sites.

1. Loyal customers first, always

The thumb rule to encouraging loyalty is – always put your loyal customers first. This applies even when you are targeting your customer base for a new product or have launched a new marketing campaign. Find out who your most loyal customers are and connect with them on social media sites. Make it a part of your standard training procedure to ensure that your staff on the floor, the support team and the billing team encourages your customers to follow you on social media sites.

 2. Ask for feedback and reviews

When the time is right, ask your loyal customers for review of your products and services. Ask your clients to offer a review on your Facebook page or twitter page and the best time to do it is when they approach you for redeeming their reward points. That is the time when your clients are excited and grateful for the reward, and are likely to offer a good review for your brand.

3. Get referrals, offer incentives

Your customers will know that you want them to get referrals to boost your business. And if they are happy with your product or service, they will be happy to get referrals. At the same time, you, as a business owner, should find ways to incentivize the referrals. For instance, create a system where after the client earns a certain number of points, he or she can get a reward that can be shared with a friend via a social networking site.

4. Integrate mobile messaging campaign with social media

Make the most of mobile messaging to increase your exposure on social media sites. For example, when you send a promotional SMS to your clients, you could add a link to a social networking site that encourages them to visit the page and like it or follow your business’ page on a particular social media site.

5. Document loyalty events

Use every chance you get to tell your online followers about the benefits of your loyalty program. For instance, if you are giving away a generous reward or are naming your latest cookie after your most loyal client, tell the world about it via social networking sites.