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How to Use Customer Feedback to Boost Business

As competition intensifies in the marketplace, the focus of businesses is increasingly turning to ways and means in which the customer can be given a better experience. Savvy business owners are making optimal use of various tools and techniques to ensure that their Customer Experience Management (CEM) strategy is fool-proof. One of the critical aspects to remember here is to make full use of customer feedback to constantly re-evaluate business practices and tweak systems and strategies so that the customers get exactly what they desire.


Critical role played by data

Data collection assumes great importance in this context. How strong a presence your business has in social media channels, how well you track visits/ conversions/ page views, these do not matter much unless you can actually make good use of the information that you collect from these activities. For any present day business, data is a huge asset and it is imperative for your business to invest enough time and resources in analyzing and utilizing it to the maximum. For example, a business that only makes use of negative feedback may forgo the many advantages it can gain by paying due attention to customers giving favorable feedback.


Negative or positive – Feedback needs attention and action

Though often ignored, it is a fact that both negative and positive feedback need to be given due attention. It is definitely important for businesses to study unfavorable feedback and attempt to fill the gaps that led to such responses. This facilitates damage control and also helps attract disgruntled customers back into the fold of the business.


However, it is equally important to keep in mind that happy customers are great brand ambassadors for your business. It is not just necessary to acknowledge great feedback, but also show the customer how much you appreciate it. It is also in your best interests to publicize such responses so that the marketplace gets to know what’s good about your business from customers who are bound to give objective opinions.


Easy Way to Know why your Business is Liked

Another great way in which favorable feedback helps you is that it tells you exactly what aspects of your business are really liked by your audience. You may be in for some surprising revelations when you look at favorable responses from customers when they point out why seemingly obscure factors actually offer great convenience or pleasure for them. This helps you tweak your operations for greater efficiency without trimming down the aspects that are most liked by your customer base. In this way, positive feedback tells you which direction you need to take when considering product changes, business expansion plans or customer service improvements.


Last but not the least, positive feedback gives the motivation that your team needs to keep putting in its best for your business.