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How to Keep Your Kitchen Staff Motivated?

Keeping the kitchen staff happy is the secret of success in any restaurant business. Perfect coordination and cooperation between the various employees working behind the doors makes for great customer service and maximum efficiency. These, in turn, ensure that all your customers have excellent experiences at your restaurant and that they are happy to recommend you to many others. In contrast, poor communication between kitchen staff and disgruntled employees can destroy your reputation within an amazingly short span of time. Keep these points in mind to ensure that you never have to face any such issues with your brand new restaurant business:

Define roles and train accordingly

Clearly defining the role of every staff member in your restaurant’s kitchen prevents overlap of tasks and keeps tempers from flaring up especially during peak business hours. Make sure that each member of staff is aware of exactly what he/she is supposed to do and outline a clear hierarchical structure so that he/ she knows where to report issues. When you hire new employees, train them in every aspect of their role so that they can be given the responsibility to complete that task independently. This also maximizes efficiency and speed in your kitchen while minimizing clashes between staff members.

Educate them about your ethos

Your kitchen staff needs to know about your business ethos so that they can stay true to your beliefs and vision. While it is the serving staff that will be interacting with the customers directly, the food, the presentation of the dish make a deep impact on the customer as well. This aspect is in the hands of the kitchen staff. Ensuring that they know what your priorities are in this business helps them work towards aligning the kitchen’s output with your expectations and that of the customers.

Interact with staff periodically

Maintaining efficient communication with the kitchen staff and interacting with them frequently allows you to get a glimpse of the challenges they face every day. Devise a system for employees to bring their grievances to your attention and you will be able to address problems before they blow up to crisis levels. Feedback and input from the kitchen staff also serves another very useful purpose. It gives you a clear picture idea about the practical difficulties in running the kitchen, which is necessary information when you are tweaking the menu.

Acknowledge and reward excellence

Acknowledging good work and appreciating exemplary kitchen staff is a great way to keep them motivated and inspired to deliver more. Whether it is a simple “Best Employee of the Week” plaque posted on the kitchen wall or a congratulatory chat by the owner of the restaurant with the employee, just letting staff know their good work is appreciated does wonders for employee morale. Of course, it is equally important to ensure that monetary rewards and promotions are given to deserving employees so that their career growth is taken care of as well.