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How to Get Around Boston –Tips for Senior on a Vacation

Boston is one of the few vacation spots in the US that have something to offer to travelers of all ages. Be it museums, churches, bars, restaurants and shopping options, the city has a lot of places of interest to see. The city has been developed with infrastructure and amenities to meet the needs of all kinds of people. Because of this, Boston is one of the best walking cities for seniors too. If you or any senior you know is going for a vacation in Boston, here are a few tips they can use to get around in the city.


A little bit of everything

Do you enjoy walking? If yes, walking is a great way to explore this historic city. But walking alone is not a good idea if you are a senior, as you may tire yourself soon and not be able to do much after a long walk. The best way to get around in Boston is to walk a little, and also go on bus tours, or use the MBTA to go from one place to another. If possible, book river cruises and boating tours one of the days and explore the city in as many ways as possible. If it us up to you, you can also cycle around in Boston.


Get a discount pass

Find more about the history of Boston by visiting some of the famous history museums spread across the city. There is a 3-day Boston discount pass that you can buy online to see as many attractions as possible in the city. The discount pass allows free entry to over 50 attractions in the city, including museums, theatres, amusement parks, public parks and more that are open round the year. This pass is an excellent option for seniors, as they won’t have to stand in long lines for tickets with this pass.


Go on the Beantown Trolley

Boston, a.k.a Beantown, has a special tour bus called the Beantown Trolley that can accommodate around 20 people and take them on tour of the top tourist attractions in Boston. If you haven’t made any plans about what to see or do, check out how to get a ticket to the Beantown trolley and explore the city in style aboard the orange colored fancy bus. The driver of the bus narrates the details of the attractions for your information. You can sit through the entire ride, or get off in between if necessary.


Freedom Trial tour

The most common way to explore the historic Freedom Trail is by walk. For those who do not want to walk the entire stretch, tour operators have buses and trolleys to take their guests in. However you choose to go, do not miss the Freedom Trail tours.