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How to Conserve Battery on Your iPhone

The iPhone may be one of the best smartphones out there, but it has one big flaw, if it can be called that – the battery drains out pretty quickly. And when the battery is dead, the iPhone is as good as a paperweight. Now you wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for something that turns from a smartphone to a paperweight every few hours, would you? So here are a few ways in which you can conserve the battery of your iPhone and use it for longer without the need to charge it.


Use auto-brightness

The higher the brightness of your iPhone screen, the sooner your battery will drain. You don’t need a bright screen at all times, which means that the level of brightness should be changed based on the external light. Changing brightness manually every now and then is a tedious process, which is why Apple included the “auto-brightness” option for you. Simply turn the option on and the screen lighting will get adjusted based on where you are and the light outside.


Turn of GPRS or 3G when not needed

The 3G internet or the cellular internet is one of the biggest consumers of battery power in your iPhone. Not using the 3G or 4G service entirely is not possible, or practical. But to save battery power, you can turn off the 3G or 4G concavity when you don’t need it. This is especially at home when you have wifi connectivity, and don’t need 3G or 4G to access internet via mobile. Also turn off the internet on your phone when you sleep.


Use Still Backgrounds/Wallpapers

Dynamic or 3D animated wallpapers on your iPhone may look very attractive and entertaining, but they eat up a lot of your battery power. Stick to still images and backgrounds to conserve the iPhone battery charge.


Turn Wi-Fi Off

Keeping the Wi-Fi on or enabled at all times can also drain your battery quickly. As far as possible, avoid accessing the internet through your phone when you have access to a computer. Try to keep the wifi on phone turned off at all times expect when you need it. Also, try and minimize using iPhone to stream movies or music when you need to save battery power for something more important like making calls or messaging.


Disable Location Settings

Every app you download is more or less likely to ask you to enable location services. The truth is that you don’t need to permit every app to know where your location is. Location services turn on the in-build GPS system of your iPhone and are useful only for maps, Google Places and other location-based services. When at home, you can entirely turn this feature off to save battery.