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Historic Sites in Massachusetts

History has always been a fascinating subject for humankind and we all love to take a step back in time to revisit our past. In Massachusetts, there are plenty of locations where you can turn the clock back. Make sure to visit these historic sites when you are vacationing here this year:

Willard House and Clock Museum

While we are on the topic of turning time back, a mention about the Willard House and Clock Museum is perfectly appropriate. This is the place where America’s top notch clock makers worked their magic. You will get to see more than 75 Willard clocks in this museum, beautifully set off by the period room settings and age old furnishings. If you have a good bit of cash to spare, you may even be able to take home an antique clock to add splendor to your home.

Old Sturbridge Village

If you have never visited a living museum, you should definitely not pass up a chance to drop in here. Experience the life of Old Englanders who lived here between 1790 and 1840 with the costumed interpreters taking you through a detailed tour of the village.

Take in our glorious past with a tour of the nearly 60 ancient buildings, a working farm as well as a couple of water  powered mills. Have a penchant for a ride, old-world style? There is the stagecoach all ready for a spin. Sturbridge Village is one of America’s biggest living museums so you have plenty to cover when you visit here.

Paul Revere House

Located in Boston, this is a popular tourist spot for those who are familiar with American history. On a dark night in April 1975, Paul Revere, a silversmith by trade, left his home on a  journey that would go into the annals of American history. He alerted the Colonial soldiers about the approaching British forces, playing a key role in ensuring that the minutemen received intelligence about the foe. The famous battles of Lexington and Concord followed the warning Revere gave to the minutemen about the Britishers.

Did you know that this is also downtown Boston’s oldest building and among the handful of structures that can be dated back to the Colonial times?

Minute Man National Historic Park

Location of the devastating battle between the reigning British and the American colonists, this park is a must-see on your itinerary. The battle sparked off the war of independence that raged for over eight years. In the famous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, this event was ‘the shot heard round the world’ and this park is where it all took place. It is named after the Colonial soldiers who were also called the Minute men.