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Have You Stumbled Upon These Charming Bookstores in Boston Yet?

Is your idea of a perfect evening spending time curled up with your favorite book? Do you find the heady smell of newly bound books intoxicating while everyone else wrinkles up their nose at it? Do you find yourself irresistibly drawn to bookstores irrespective of whether they sell brand new top sellers or worn and torn oldies? If you do then you should surely pay a visit to these quaint Boston bookstores. Fair warning, you may never want to leave again!

• Harvard Book Store

Browse through used books and take in the expansive collective of new releases at this store and you will quickly see why the Harvard Book Store is so popular. The indie bookstore has been in business since 1932 and they have come up with some very innovative ideas during these years. Want to see a book- making robot? Well, you should pay a visit to this bookstore then.

• Porter Square Books

If you like to get some good reading in the midst of all that tiresome shopping, this is a great bookstore for you. Located within a shopping plaza, Porter Square Books gives you the perfect excuse to set down your bags and browse through books. For younger readers, this bookstore offers a chance to read new releases even before they hit the stands. Are you a self published author? Then you may want to talk with the management of this store to sell your books since they are keen on promoting local authors.

• Raven Books

A virtual haven for used books, Raven Books has what you need whether you are looking for literary titles or scholarly tomes. The inventory is constantly updated and the prices are incredibly attractive. You are sure to find some gems here since all the books are carefully hand- picked. With a turnover of over 1200 books every week, you are sure to find the collection mesmerizing whenever you walk in to this store.

• Brattle Book Shop

Three stories full of interesting books, prints, postcards and maps- what more could you ask for? Get used books on general subjects, eclectic titles which cannot be found anywhere else or special first edition collectibles and leather bound tomes here. You just might get lucky and find a treasure in the sale lot they have here too.

• Trident Booksellers and Café

A dog eared copy of your favorite book in hand and a cup of coffee by the side- if that very though tempts you head out to the nearest book store right now, make sure you are heading for Trident Booksellers and Café. Myriad magazines, books titles and discount sale, you will get them all here along with tasty delicacies to sink your teeth into. Don’t forget to show off your command of your favorite books at the trivia nights organized here!