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Guide To Lesser-Known Indian Restaurants In Boston

Think of something spicy, and you think of Indian food. One of the most popular cuisines in the world, Indian food is for those who enjoy hot chilli and the blend of strong spices that the cuisine is so famous for. If you’ve got a taste for food from the sub-continent, then here are some less-known Indian restaurants in Boston that offer value for your money.

The Punjabi Café

This is one of the hidden Indian restaurants of Boston serving the finest north Indian, Punjabi-style cuisine in a small space with just a handful of tables. The restaurant is located in Quincy and serves some really mouth watering appetizers like samosas, pakoras, tikkis and papadums. For main course, try the garlic naan (flat bread) with a side dish of curries like chicken tikka masala, a popular dish enjoyed by Indians. Butter chicken is yet another favorite here, along with the rogan josh. If you are a vegetarian, try the aloo palak (spinach and potatoes) or a creamy lentil dish called dal makhni.

Dosa Factory

If you want to try the most popular breakfast dish in southern India, you must visit the Dosa Factory. Tucked away behind an Indian grocery store in Mass Avenue in Cambridge, this place serves different varieties of a delicacy called dosa, an inexpensive street food. But the Dosa factory offers more than just that – it has a variety of other Indian dishes like paratha and saag (curry), vindaloo, biryani and chilli paneer.

Kebab Factory

You have not tasted real Indian food until you have tasted a kebab. The Kebab factory is one of the less-known Indian restaurants, which was also featured in our list of student-friendly eateries. Kebab Factory is a small place in Somerville and can be easily missed if you are not looking for it. The place serves some of the tastiest kebabs made from chicken, beef and vegetables. Snacks like vegetable samosas and pakoras, alongside chicken kurma for main course are among the dishes you must try here.

Bombay Mahal

Located in Waltham, Bombay Mahal serves a wide variety of Indian food. The place is very friendly and professional too. Unless you know a bit about Indian food, chances are you will get confused about what to eat, given the extensive menu of the restaurant. So our suggestion – try the Chicken Dosai (dosa with vegetables and chicken), and simple tandoori dishes like naan or basmati rice with curries.

Shanti: Taste of India

A cozy, warmly lit restaurant on Dorchester Avenue, Shanti has a pleasant atmosphere that makes it a good choice for a romantic dinner. The restaurant has an exclusive menu and serves certain delicacies you may not find in other Indian restaurants. Among the most popular dishes here include the murg tikka masala (chicken), the murg shaag, aloo tikki, poori, peshawary naan and the tandoori chicken kebabs.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/www.freedigitalphotos.net