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Gear-up for the 30th Annual Film Festival in Boston

This fall season movie lovers from far corners of Boston are preparing for the 30th Annual Boston Film Festival. It is scheduled to be held from 24th to 28th September, 2014. The Boston Film Festival (BFF) is one of America’s longest-running film festivals and brings Bostonians some of the best in new documentaries and independent films. The film festival has a rich and diverse history of premiering some of Hollywood’s illustrious films and featuring top filmmakers and actors like Uma Thurman, George Clooney and Val Kilmer.

Entertainment tailored for audience

There will be a big opening night party, where stars will be in attendance and diverse films will be screened. Full-length features and multiple series of short films will be on offer. With the screens featuring many genres such as romantic, drama, comedy, action, suspense and more, there will be something to entertain varied audiences. The BFF supports evolving film makers by providing them a forum to showcase their artistic vision.

BFF highlights “Call to action on the environment”

This year the BFF will highlight documentaries made to spread awareness of global environmental crises which pose a massive threat to the survival of many species. On closing day the agenda comprises a special screening of world premieres of Director Sylvie Rokab’s (of documentary series “House of Babies” fame) “Love Thy Nature”, Melissa Donovan’s directorial debut film “Zemene” and “Sling Shot” by Paul Lazarus (director of iconic TV series “Friends”). The screening of these films will be followed by a Q and A session, making the program more interactive and fun for film enthusiasts.

New unusual award categories

BFF has added an unusual category to their range of awards called the “The Mass Impact Award”. This award will be given to the maker of the film that demonstrates a social issue which most positively affects humanity. All the screenings will take place in Theatre One at the former Stuart Street Cinema at the Revere Hotel in the heart of the Boston’s theatre district.

Boston’s most recognized film festival is going to celebrate entertaining, insightful, educational and cutting-edge films and film makers. With a special focus on social issues, it is sure to be a great success while ensuring a delightful experience for movie goers.