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Four Great Campsites Around Greater Boston

Enjoy camping? Why not head to Boston, then? Boston is a vacation destination not only for seniors and families, but also for campers and nature lovers. If you have been planning to go on a camping trip, but have run out of destinations near your city, head to the charming city of Boston. Besides places of historic importance, the city and its surrounding regions have some excellent sites for camping. Here is a brief note on some of them.


Myles Sandish State Forest

Myles Sandish State Forest is among the finest and less known spots for camping around Boston. Located in South Carver, MA, it is a lush green space complete with a tranquil lake. The site is 50 miles away from Boston and campers are allowed to go up to 15 miles into the forest to set up camp. The forest consists of a 35-mile equestrian trail for those who love horse riding and a 15-mile bike trail, as well. You can also go for fishing, swimming, and canoeing in this enchanting site.


Dune’s Edge Campground

Dune’s Edge in Provincetown is a very picturesque place for camping. A preferred spot for campers from all over Massachusetts, Dune’s Edge is a 40 mile vast land of pristine sand, marshes, and open spaces for outdoor activities like volleyball and more.


Cape Ann Camp Site

Sea side towns around Boston are excellent places for vacation during the summers. The north of Boston has many such towns, along with a convenient campsite called Camp Ann. The site has over 200 trailers and tents to choose from and is a great place to cool it off in the summer. Being closer to the seaside towns, Camp Ann has a number of outdoor activities you can participate in, including whale watching, swimming, boating, kayaking, and even hiking and trekking. You can also visit the nearby maritime museums and go shopping for local artifacts in your spare time.


Blue Hills Reservation

A ride along the scenic Blue Hills is one that you cannot forget. Just an hour’s drive from Boston, the Blue Hills reservation has 7000 acres of open space and 125 miles of trails where you can go hiking, trekking, and mountain biking. Camping in the attractive region is a great way to spend your summer vacation, especially if you want to wake up to a beautiful sight every morning. You can book a campground ahead of your visit via the Mass.gov website.


Harold Parker State Forest

The Harold Parker State Forest spreads over an area of 3000 acres, touching four towns in MA. A popular camping spot, the forest is only 20 minutes away from north Boston and is one of the few campsites where you can enjoy fishing, hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, and many other outdoor activities. Campers looking for some peace and solitude can go further along the road into the forest that has plenty of space for camping.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your camping equipment and head out to Boston today for an unforgettable experience!