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Five Things You Should Know About the Apple Watch

The smartwatch industry is abuzz with the latest entrant – the Apple Watch. The much anticipated wearable from Apple, which is compatible with its mobile devices like the iPod and the iPhone 5, has caught the popular imagination despite not being the first of its kind – or being called an iWatch! Several smartwatches have been launched by companies such as Samsung, LG and Sony earlier for Android mobile devices.

So what makes this smartwatch so special? Here are five things about the Apple Watch that may give you a clue:

1. Automated messages

One of the coolest features of the Watch is that you can dictate messages to be mailed out. You can also reply to mail/ messages using emojis. The Watch also recommends automated generic messages as replies, based on the content of the received messages. That is not all. You can use it as a walkie-talkie and communicate with other Apple Watch users. Now isn’t that cool?

2. Fitness band

The Watch doubles as a fitness band. It can keep a tab on calories burned, the number of miles you walk or run and your heart rate. In all, the Watch can tell you how active you have been during the day. Not only does it keep a track of your physical activities, but also suggests health and fitness programs to suit your body.

3. Voice command

Apple Watch users can give voice commands to Siri without using their iPhones. The wearable also accepts general voice commands to perform actions like replying to messages, opening apps, mailing or calling someone. The smart-looking smartwatch also comes with a crown on the side, just like other watches. However, this crown is not for setting date or time. It is to scroll the screen up and down and to zoom into maps!

4. Collaborated convenience

Apple’s collaboration with different brands enables the Watch to do more than the other smartwatches. It can locate your BMW, and also unlock the door of your room in Starwood Hotels, with whom Apple has a tie-up. Apple already has tie-ups with Nike, Twitter and Pinterest for the Watch and is going to collaborate with more apps to increase the convenience for its users.

5. Extends battery for iPhone

The Watch has its own notification system. You can turn this option on and every time you get a message, a call or any other notification, your Watch will vibrate. To check the alert message, all you have to do is lift your watch. This cool feature eliminates the need to use your iPhone often, thereby minimizing usage and extending battery life.