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Five Best iPhone Games So Far in 2014

We’re into the first two months of the year, and there are already some really cool iOS games that have  iPhone owners hooked. Here is a look at five that we think you should definitely download and enjoy!


At first, Lyne may appear like a simple join-the-dots game, but it becomes a whole other beast as you keep progressing. The brain-twister consists of like-colored shapes on a grid between which you must form pathways. You can only move them around in 45 and 90 degree angles, and paths cannot cross. Against a backdrop of pleasant abstract, chirpy sounds you are guided notch by notch to think, experiment and adjust your moves. It’s refined, addictive and a good option if you are sick of the usual dose of action and bullets in other mobile games.

Battle Supremacy

An action-packed game inspired by WWII, Battle Supremacy is an offering from Atypical Games of Storm Raiders and Sky Gamblers fame. You have a French, Russian and Pacific mission to win, each with its own objectives, and ammunition in the form of tank battles, planes and boats. The emphasis is on ground combat however, with the tank controls being less complex than those in Sky Gamblers, and the multi-player option adding more excitement to the gaming experience.

Lost Yeti

Lost Yeti is a deceptively cute game that gives your brain a good workout. You have to help the Yeti through different levels by collecting as many ice treats as you can, moving ice blocks around and steering clear of enemies. The first few levels (there are 60 in all) are relatively easy, but as you progress, your eyeballs and brain have to work overtime to multi-task in collecting food items and dodging sudden enemy attacks from all sides, all the while maneuvering the Yeti towards the goal. For just $0.99, this one is a real steal.


Who knew a game revolving around an atom could be so interesting? Atomic+ is a minimalist game that delivers the thrills and keeps you going for a long time. You guide a sphere at the center – the nucleus – around concentric circles/outer rings, with the aim of smashing their single proton into square-shaped electrons floating around. You will also need to watch out for the flying bullets emerging   from the atom’s nucleus, with a damage bar at the bottom of the screen keeping a tab of hits. The skill-based game is both enjoyable and addictive.

Castle Doombad

In Castle Doombad, you are the villain, and it sure is more fun than playing the goody-two-shoes hero!  You have to hold on to the princess in your captivity while unleashing ground pounders, turrets and demon dogs to fight the knights who have come to rescue her. Weird, brutal and hilarious, Castle Doombad is definitely among the top three iOs games so far into 2014.