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Family Holiday In Boston – Things To Do For Teens

Teenagers can be a hard lot to please. They are moody and want everything to be “cool”. So a normal family vacation is not god enough to make them happy. The key to having a good family vacation time when travelling with your teen children is to find ways to do what they like, or what they think is “cool” or “hot”. If you want to impress your teenager kids and have a good time during your vacation to Boston, here are a few things that you should consider doing on the trip.

Biking along Charles River

One of the coolest things to do around Boston is to go on a bike ride along the city, or the Charles River front on a pleasant day. Biking is a form of adventure and gives your kids a sense of freedom, something they can do on their own while still being together with you. The biking trail along the river also provides a good view of the city. Get your teen to photograph the Boston skyline or the many bridges you can see from the trail to make it more interesting.

Attend a Red Sox game at Fenway Park

Who doesn’t love baseball? If your kid is a big fan of the sport, plan your holiday during one of those times the Red Sox are playing at the Fenway Park. It may not be the easiest or the cheapest thing to do, but it surely can be the best thing to impress your baseball-loving son or daughter. Plan ahead if you want to be sure to get tickets to the game. That way, you can surprise them and make the vacation even more memorable.

Visit Boston during the July 4 holiday

The Fourth of July holiday is celebrated across the US, but celebrating it at the Boston Waterfront is unique in itself. If possible, plan your vacation around this national holiday and celebrate Independence Day in this historic city. Keep in mind that this is the time many people go on vacations, so have a plan ready if you want to get good accommodation and cheap flight tickets for the time.

Go On a College Tour

A Boston vacation with your teenaged kid is not complete without a visit to one of the college campuses that students from around the world want to be a part of. Plan a trip to the MIT or Harvard and give your kids a tour of the campuses and a peek into how life at college can be. Visiting the big universities will certainly be one of the coolest things on their Boston vacation.

Other than these, you can plan a few activities that your kids might enjoy on their own, or all of you as a family can enjoy together and make the vacation a memorable one.

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