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Fall Care for Your Yard

Fall is that time of the year when you must take good care of your lawn, to prepare it for long and cold dormant winter months. Fall is a great time for gardening owing to the cool and pleasant weather at the time. The pleasant weather, the piling leaves and the approaching winter months should be enough reason for you to get started with caring for your yard right now. Here are a few tips that you must remember when caring for your yard in autumn.


Watering on schedule

Summer or fall, your lawn needs to be watered on time and watered properly. Make sure your sprinklers are set to water the yard at regular intervals every day. Early morning and evening are good times to soak your yard with adequate water, especially during dry spells in the fall. Also, early morning is when the soil absorbs most of the water, as the air is cooler and the water does not evaporate.


Mow your lawn

If you have a lawn, make sure you mow it regularly, or you will end up with overgrown grass that looks really messy. Fall is when you should water the lawn and also mow the overgrown grass regularly. Through the season, follow this practice and towards the end of the season, drop the blade of your mower a little so that the last cuttings are its lowest. This way, the soil and the crown of the grass will get adequate sunlight and only a small portion of the leaf will turn brown.



You don’t need expert advice to know that the leaves in the yard need to be raked. Leaves, if left on the ground, will get accumulated and become wet due to moisture, thereby forming a sticky layer that can suffocate the grass. Don’t wait for days before you rake the leaves. Get the yard clean every day and remove all fallen leaves on the same day or the next day. This will keep your lawn clean and your grass healthy.


Aerate the soil

Fall is also the time when you aerate the soil so that enough oxygen, water and fertilizer reach the roots of the grass. This is important if there is a lot of foot traffic on your lawn, as that can make the clay soils compact and prevent water and fertilizers from penetrating in.


Patch up the bald spots

Use a lawn-repair mixture to fill in the bald spots in fall. The mixture, which contains, grass seeds, fertilizer and organic mulch will make the grass grow faster. Apply a thick patch of this mixture on the bald spots, compact it and then water the area. Ensure that you continue to water the regions where the mixture is spread on a regular basis. Your lawn’s bald spots will soon be gone.