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Enjoy Total Greek Experience At The Arlington Greek Festival

The Arlington Greek Festival is all set to rock come June. The event will be held over three days, the 6th, 7th and 8th covering one weekend this month. Admission is free for the event. According to the promotional messages, the visitors can enjoy a ‘total Greek experience’ with some delicious Greek food, authentic Greek ambiance and plenty of fun activities to participate in.

One of Arlington’s biggest cultural events

With over 15,000 visitors expected to drop in, there is little doubt that the Greek Festival is going to be one of Arlington’s biggest cultural events this year as well. Thousands come down here from all parts of the country to enjoy the various activities, wares and delicacies that are up for offer here. A family-friendly event, this is an ideal vacation activity if you are going to be visiting with your kids.

Live music is organized to get you in the festive mood and you can also dance to your heart’s content with the many other visitors to this event. If you love your wine, you are sure to like the local wine and beer tasting event organized during the festival. Add to this a tasting of some spit roasted lamb and pig and you can enjoy a complete all-ethnic meal that will satisfy your discerning palate as well as your hunger quite satisfactorily. If you want to take some authentic Greek food home, just shop for your favorites at the marketplace.

Foodies – Try the lamb and gyro

If you are new to Greek food and want to try something safe, you can always go for the lamb and gyro, which is generally well liked by all. The gyro is meat roasted on a spit, a vertical one, and served with veggies in a sandwich. Wholesome, filling and healthy, this is a great option if you want to go ethnic yet get something that is not too exotic for your tastes.

The lamb, cooked in Greek style, is a delicious option that has a number of loyal fans as well. Greece is famous for this dish and there are several ways in which lamb is cooked to deliver some interesting flavors and tastes to the diner. Check out the souvlaki or skewered lambs, whole lamb spit roasted and stuffed baby lamb if you want to get the real taste of Greek food. If you are calorie conscious, there are several stewed lamb recipes that can match your needs too.

The Arlington Greek festival is a fun opportunity for you to understand what the Greek culture is all about and experience their way of life. Don’t miss this event if you are likely to be in Arlington in the beginning of June.