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Eerie Boston – Haunted Places Around the City

Not everyone gets a kick from getting scared out of their wits, but if you are a true blue horror aficionado, then a tour of the haunted homes around Boston is sure to be the ultimate spine-chilling experience of your life. Boston boasts a surprisingly large number of such locations where you can get your fill of frights to last until Halloween. Take a look at the best spots to visit in Boston to get a glimpse of the supernatural.

Boston Common

Surprised to know that Boston Common has its share of ghosts? Well, given that this is the oldest section of the city and also the place where they hanged those who opposed the Puritans, there is a good reason for a haunting at this spot. Many witnesses have seen two women dressed in 19th century attire walk arm in arm across the Boston Common quite frequently. If you feel up to chatting up with them, Boston Common’s the place to be!

Fort Warren

You would expect to see spirits of slain soldiers roaming the corridors at a Fort, but here it is the ghost of a young woman in black that you are likely to encounter. Locals believe that this woman in black was thought to be a spy and executed as she tried to help her Confederate soldier husband escape imprisonment here.

Barrett’s Mansion

Take the tour to this mansion and you are assured of getting the whole haunted house experience in full. The mansion has been providing thrills and chills to thousands of visitors for nearly 20 years now. Tours are limited to half a dozen people and there is usually a long line at the entrance so plan early if you want to get in here.

Witch’s Woods

If you are looking for something more on the lines of hay rides and ghostly castles, then visiting the Witch’s Woods Screampark is a must. Don’t forget to get on the hayride where you will be chased by blood thirsty zombies, witches, ghouls and their brethren. If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for horror, visit the Castle Morbid or stroll through the Keeper’s Crypt to be truly scared out of your wits.

Emerson’s Cutler Majestic Theater

If you are simply not happy with just one ghost, a visit to this place may just be what you need! Students who worked on restoring the old theater have reported seeing several ghostly apparitions here. One of the most well-known and frequently appearing apparitions is that of a Boston Mayor who died in his seat while watching a performance. In the upper balcony, many have reported seeing a ghostly young couple with their little daughter.

Image courtesy of lamnee/www.freedigitalphotos.net