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Don’t Miss the Spring Restaurant Week in Salem, MA

If you are keen on eating good food, then make sure to visit Salem, MA during the Salem Spring Restaurant event that kicks off on 16 March. The best local cuisine will be  up for grabs at great prices for 10 days starting this date. A number of well known restaurants  are participating in this event which promises to be a treat for food connoisseurs.

What to expect at the Salem Spring Restaurant Week

This event  is not just about good food at great prices. Get down to Salem and you will see that there is a whole lot more to this event than just restaurants promoting their offerings.

Taste a variety of  local delicacies

Appetizers, entrees, desserts are all part of the event here and the participating restaurants are  gearing up to offer some amazing choices. . Apart from this, you will get to taste  a range of dishes from sea food to steak, ethnic food, special cuisines and more. Great Italian food is definitely going to be a part of this event, given that the 62 Restaurant and Wine Bar is a participant. Famous for its contemporary take on classic Italian dishes, this restaurant uses the freshest, locally sourced, seasonal ingredients to add a special flavor to the dishes. If you like Italian, another good place to go is the Bella Verona where you might find some innovative new dishes alongside the traditional homemade pasta.

For seafood lovers, the Adriatic Restaurant is a great place to hang-out where fish from the Adriatic sea features on the menu. Add a wood burning pizza and season fresh veggies to create the perfect well rounded meal. Check out the Finz Seafood & Grill if you want to experience some unique tastes. If you are here don’t miss the specialty drinks from this Zagat Top 10 rated (in August 2011) New England Waterfront restaurant.

Value for money pricing

One of the most interesting aspects about the event is that you can enjoy all the different tastes without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.  The participating restaurants will have a fixed pricing for this event- a two course dinner at an affordable $18 and a three course one for $28. Of course, if you love the food you can always choose both options.

Salem has earned a reputation for great food and this event is a perfect way to showcase exactly why this accolade has been earned.  For you, this is  great opportunity to sample all the tastes of this famous food destination without spending a fortune. Mark out the date on your calendar so that you get down here to Massachusetts in time for the big event.