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Customer Service Stories that Went Viral

The social media revolution has made it incredibly easy for customers to air their grievances about a business. The number of virtual channels that customers can use to vent their feelings is only increasing by the day and more and more people are taking advantage of it to share their customer service experiences. If the business owner gets lucky, his customers may just be as willing to share their stories about his great service too. Take a look at a four good and bad customer service stories that went viral.

1) United Airlines Faces the Music, Literally

When baggage handlers paid scant attention to how they were handling passenger Dave Carroll’s custom- made guitar they had no clue they would be getting some international publicity. Carroll made a song about it and when it hit YouTube, the video garnered over 24,000 views over the space of two days. United Airlines, which had initially dragged its feet when Carroll made numerous requests for adequate compensation, realized that it had bitten off much more than it could chew. But by then it had already gained a truck load of bad publicity.

2) Should you Check your Weight Before you Fly Southwest?

Another airline that bore the brunt of public criticism was Southwest Airlines which asked Kevin Smith to get off the flight in which he was already seated. Apparently, they believed he was fat enough to be considered a safety risk. Smith turned to Twitter to tell the world about the incident and the tweet spread like wildfire with even news channels like ABC and USA Today picking it up and airing it.

3) Ritz-Carlton Gives Boy’s Stuffed Giraffe a Grand Holiday

Ritz-Carlton is known for its exemplary service and a customer service story that went viral showed why the hotel chain deserves the accolades. When a young guest left his stuffed giraffe behind, hotel staff decided to back up his dad’s story that the ‘animal’ was taking a vacation. They took pictures of the giraffe lounging by the poolside, hanging around the hotel staff and generally having a great time and sent them to its young owner. The impressed Dad wrote about it in Huffington Post, the story was shared via Facebook and it went viral, giving Ritz- Carlton some great publicity of the right kind.

4) Boss Sticks up for Employees and Gains Customers in the Process

A slightly unusual example of how a supposedly ‘poor customer service’ experience actually amped up the business’s popularity also went viral thanks to Facebook. Liberty Bottleworks was  at the receiving end of a scathing Facebook rebuke from a customer who wanted her order fulfilled over a holiday weekend. The Co-Founder and COO Ryan Clark used the same channel to tell her clearly that his company would not want to do business with anyone who treated his employees so badly, expecting them to sacrifice their holidays to attend to her order. The post got innumerable Likes and the company’s sales soared after it went viral!