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Customer Service Stories that Made the News

A lot of us have grown in to giving bad reviews, discussing bad reviews with friends and expecting bad service from almost every place we enter. That is probably why when service providers go out of their way to make a customer happy, it makes news. There have been several heartwarming stories about companies in the recent past that just put a smile on your face.


Amazon and the PS

This story is one where Amazon was completely without fault. During the Christmas season a father had purchased a Play Station for his son intending it to be a gift. The delivery came and went and he never got the order and so looked it up in the online tracker. He found out that a neighbor who lived in the same building had signed for the package. On inquiry, the neighbor said that he left it in the common mail area. Unfortunately, the gift had been stolen by someone. It was not the delivery company’s fault, nor was it Amazon’s, but when the father wrote to Amazon with his story, they actually sent him a new Play Station in time for Christmas.


Apple and the iPad

Unlike Amazon, Apple is not one of those companies that has customer service as one of their main draws, but this story challenges that image. Around the time of the release of their latest iPad, a man who had ordered for one, sent it right back to the company after he received it. He followed all procedures for a refund, with a small note that simply read, ‘Wife said no’. The higher ups in the company caught wind of this as a joke spreading around the office and sent the man the iPad back along with the refund and a note that read, ‘Apple said YES!’.


Southwest Airlines waits

This is one of the most heart rending stories by itself, let alone being an example of extraordinary customer service. This is also one that involves a lot of people who were not part of the company in any way. A man was traveling to Denver to see his two-year-old grandson for the last time. His daughter’s boyfriend had beaten the child into a coma and doctors were about to pull him off life support the same night so that his working organs could be transplanted. The man explained the whole situation to Southwest and was able to secure a last minute ticket on the flight from LAX. Heavy traffic delayed him and by the time he reached the airport, it was twelve minutes past take off time. To his surprise, the captain of the flight was waiting for him at the check out area and told him that he heard the story and  wasn’t going any where until he got to the aircraft.


Stories like these make brands seem more humane and go a long way in fostering a favorable brand image in the eyes of the public. They are extremely powerful examples of the fact that a company, like any system, is as good as the people in it.